UCL Institute for Sustainable Heritage


ISH Academy Launch

17 May 2019

In celebration of the Bartlett 100 the Institute for Sustainable Heritage (ISH) launched the ISH Academy.


The vision of the ISH Academy will connect our alumni, students, partners and industry to each other and to us, create opportunities that will enhance heritage activities.

Rob Woodside, ISH alumni of MSc Sustainable Heritage and Estate Director of English Heritage, delivered the opening address; what the ISH Academy could do for alumni, students, partners and industry.


The Academics staff of ISH held sessions with interactive demonstrations; Prof. Richard Sandford’s session; Editing future heritage discussed how the view from our window changes? Participants were invited to edit the view from the Bartlett to show us the future city.


Jana & May

Alejandra Albuerne’s session discussed how strong are our masonry structures? Demonstrating how arches respond to different loads and deformations and understanding the meaning of some common cracks in historic structures.



Another session conducted by Kalliopi Fouseki’s used 3D model houses to discuss various cost-effective, energy efficient options for an old house. 




Over in the heritage science labs, Katherine Curran and her team demonstrated their scientific facilities, portable devices and discussed how these could be used to can best support our heritage partners.




Josep Grau-Bove was over in the mobile heritage lab, where he had a science scape room: A heritage puzzle set up. For the day, visitors could become heritage scientists and use analytical equipment to solve a mystery before the time runs out. 


The afternoon was wrapped up by Prof. May Cassar and Prof. Matija Strlic receiving feedback from the attendees and the future of the ISH Academy.

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