UCL Institute for Sustainable Heritage


ISH renews triennial agreement with Heritage Malta for fifth time

19 January 2016


In January 2016, Heritage Malta renewed its Agreement with UCL ISH for a record fifth time till 2019. 

The Agreement which enables the MSc Sustainable Heritage students to study a different cultural heritage site in Malta every year has also produced great investment benefits to Heritage Malta enabling it to leverage €27million from the European Regional Development Fund for the protection of 5 world renowned cultural heritage sites during the life of the Agreement.

Commenting on this milestone, Kenneth Gambin, CEO of Heritage Malta remarked: Heritage Malta's ten-year partnership with the UCL Institute for Sustainable Heritage has derived mutual benefits and added value to both organisations. It has not only led to curatorial, conservation, technical and administrative staff development experience, but it also enabled Heritage Malta to leverage European Regional Development Funds for the protection of Malta’s cultural heritage.