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ISH 10th Anniversary, 2001-2011

13 August 2012

10th anniversary

In 2011, CSH celebrated its tenth anniversary with a programme of events. The Centre for Sustainable Heritage was launched on 1 March 2001 as an interdisciplinary research and teaching team. A decade later, the Centre has grown substantially in numbers and research projects, and now offers two Masters teaching programmes, an annual guest lecture programme, and boasts the UK’s first Heritage Science laboratory.

The tenth anniversary programme included a variety of events celebrating different areas of the Centre’s successes, including the MSc in Sustainable Heritage, its innovative Heritage Science Laboratory, and its international collaborations and research networks. The events were attended by international policy-makers, heritage professionals and academics, the next generation of heritage leaders as well as senior UCL academics.

Professor May Cassar, Director of the Centre, says, ‘It would not be an overstatement to say that the link between sustainability and cultural heritage which is common place today, was first mooted by the Centre. Over the last decade we have striven, through work with our partners, with our research and teaching and in our discussions with policy makers, to strengthen the link between evidence and decision-making at all levels. While curiosity is what ignites the spark of all our endeavours, our intentions are practical – to give a sustainable future to cultural heritage in all its manifestations.’

Programme of Events

ICON Science Group Meeting

Monitoring and Modelling of the Heritage Environment

1 March 2011

Heritage Science Laboratory Open Afternoon

1 March 2011

CSH 10th Anniversary Evening Reception

1 March 2011

Changing Heritage Seminar

Changing Heritage: Reflections on Values, Materials and Climate

15 June 2011

Lacona IX Conference

Lasers in the Conservation of Artworks, in partnership with The British Museum

7-10 September 2011

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MSc Sustainable Heritage Alumni Event

Heritage Futures: what challenges will today's heritage students and practitioners face tomorrow?

14 Dec 2011

CSH/IIC panel discussion

Rising Tide/Melting Ice: The preservation of world archaeological heritage in a time of climate change

Wed 18 Jan 2012

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Indoor Air Quality 2012: 10th International Conference

Indoor Air Quality in Heritage and Historic Environments ‘Standards and Guidelines’

17th–20th June, 2012

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