UCL Institute for Sustainable Heritage


Environmental monitoring

The equipment of our labs (Heritage Science Lab and Mobile Heritage Lab), combined with measurement protocols developed by ISH, enables a total characterisation of heritage environments.

Particulate matter

The ISH has developed methods to capture and analyse deposited particulate matter. Using image analysis software and electron or optical microscope, we can separate different types of particles and calculate size-resolved deposition rates. 



We use and develop methods for the analysis of airborne pollutants. With our equipment we can measure fine aerosols, inorganic and organic acids. We also have worked on the development of new sensors, such as Piezo-Electric Quartz-based acid sensors, Arduino-based open monitoring kits, and methods to measure specific volatile compounds. 



Often we pay more attention to pollutants than to the air that transports them. However, much can be learned from an understanding of air flows. At ISH we have experience in mapping air velocity, turbulence and ventilation rates in different types of environments.