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A student sits at a computer monitor which is displaying design software

Spatial Data Science and Visualisation MRes

Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis
A unique focus on analysis, mapping and visualisation, pulling together the latest research in urban form, functionality and communication.

Architectural Computation MRes

The Bartlett School of Architecture
Taught by architects and experts in artificial intelligence, the Architectural Computation course equips students with the skills to create generative, emergent and responsive forms, through exposure to real programming environments. 

Space Syntax: Architecture and Cities MRes

Space Syntax Laboratory
SS:AC MRes is centred on furthering your understanding of architecture and urban design as instruments in the development of society. Using the theoretical and analytical framework of space syntax, this programme involves the study of architecture from the scale of buildings to small-scale urban design through to planning entire cities. 

Architecture and Digital Theory MRes

Bartlett School of Architecture
This is a new MRes that explores digital theory, history and cultures in all their guises, from design and fabrication to many related fields being affected and transformed by the new digital paradigm.

Inter-disciplinary Urban Design MRes

Bartlett School of Planning
This programme provides an inter-disciplinary space for students to examine the challenges of urban design from comparative disciplinary perspectives. Students will conduct a substantial piece of individual urban design research and investigate methodologies for urban scale research and critically informed urban design practice.

Energy Demand Studies MRes

UCL Energy Institute
The only programme of its kind in the UK, the MRes Energy Demand Studies offers students grounding in the skills and knowledge needed to carry out research into energy demand reduction in the built environment.


We are not accepting applications to SEAHA MRes for 2020/21 academic year. Please register your interest if you wish to stay up to date with postgraduate study opportunities at the Institute for Sustainable Heritage.

UCL Institute for Sustainable Heritage
The MRes Science and Engineering in Arts, Heritage and Archaeology (SEAHA) is a pioneering Master's course delivering cross-disciplinary heritage science.

The programme introduces you to a unique assembly of scientific disciplines - physical sciences, engineering, imaging, computing, social sciences - brought together in order to address research questions related to cultural heritage.