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Inclusive Spaces: Queering Public Space

08 June 2022, 1:00 pm–2:00 pm

TEXT: The Bartlett Inclusive Spaces

In this session we explore the relationship between queer communities and public spaces and address the concept of ‘designing in diversity’.

This event is free.

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The Bartlett Faculty of the Built Environment

Despite the emergence of queer enclaves in many cities across the world, there is an urgent need today to rethink public spaces and create more inclusive, welcoming, and hospitable environments for all members of our communities. The growing interest in creating inclusive public space and the rise in hate crime in recent years indicates a need for interventions which increase the inclusion and acceptance of marginalised groups, not least LGBTQ+ people.  

In Queering Public Space, a collaboration between Arup and the University of Westminster, we explore the relationship between queer communities and public spaces and provide recommendations to contribute towards the design of a more welcoming and inclusive public realm. We ask, ‘what are the key characteristics that contribute to queering public space?,’ 'how do we protect what remains of queer memory in our cities?,’ and ‘how do we move beyond the gayborhood towards creating public spaces for all?’  

By addressing these issues and designing in diversity, public spaces will be more accessible to all marginalised and disempowered groups, creating inclusive and welcoming spaces for all. 

About the Speakers

Mei-Yee Man Oram

Access and Inclusive Environments Lead at Arup

Mei-Yee Man Oram is the Access and Inclusive Environments Lead at Arup. She is a Consultant Member of the National Register of Access Consultants (NRAC), an International Access Consultant under the CPABE certification and is also a WELL Community, Homes and Health Equity advisor for the International WELL Buildings Institute, helping for shape healthier spaces for all. 

Dr Ammar Azzouz

Architect at Arup

Dr Ammar Azzouz is a London-based architect working at Arup. He is a short-term Research Associate at the University of Oxford. He is an editor at Arab Urbanism, and a collective member of City Journal. Ammar has written several articles which have been published on platforms including The Independent, New Statesman, and The Architects’ Journal. 

Pippa Catterall

Professor of History and Policy at University of Westminster

Pippa Catterall is Professor of History and Policy at the University of Westminster, Chair of the George Lansbury Memorial Trust, a member of the London Historic Environments Forum, and co-editor of the journal National Identities. In addition to her extensive publications on various aspects of British history and contemporary policy, she has written widely about her experiences as a trans woman, queer heritage and (mis)representations of history and identities in public space. 

Dr Scott Allan Orr

Lecturer at UCL Institute for Sustainable Heritage

Dr Scott Allan Orr is a lecturer at the UCL Institute for Sustainable Heritage, primarily researching the intersection of climate change and cultural heritage. Scott is also on the committee of the LGBTQ+ STEM @ UCL Network.