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Inclusive Spaces: Crippling educational spaces

08 December 2021, 1:00 pm–2:00 pm

TEXT: The Bartlett Inclusive Spaces

Join this panel discussion in rethinking inclusive space in Higher Education, based on learnings from disabled students and staff.

This event is free.

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The Bartlett Faculty of the Built Environment

What are the unspoken norms that frame what constitutes competency or achievement? How do conceptual, social, and material spaces value some kinds of body-minds and not others? And how can both non-disabled people and academic institutions begin to take responsibility for their own unnoticed ableist attitudes and problematic teaching and learning practices? 

In this panel discussion, we explore how we can critique the existing shape of higher education through the richness of our neuro and biodiversity differences, rather than ‘adding’ disabled people or merely including them into existing normative higher education practices.  

About the Speakers

Dr Jos Boys

Senior Lecturer in Environments for Learning

Dr Jos Boys is Director of the Learning Environments Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Centre (LEEDIC), and Course Lead for MSc Learning Environments. She is a co-founder of the Matrix Feminist Design Collective, and of The DisOrdinary Architecture Project.

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Margaret Price

Associate Professor and Director of the Disability Studies Program at Ohio State University

Margaret Price is Associate Professor and Director of the Disability Studies Program at the Ohio State University. She is currently at work on a mixed-methods investigation, the Disabled Faculty Study, which combines survey and interview data to learn more about the experiences of disabled faculty in higher education.

Margaret's forthcoming book Crip Spacetime, drawing on findings from this study, is under contract with Duke University Press. Price’s first book, Mad at School: Rhetorics of Mental Disability and Academic Life (University of Michigan Press), won the Outstanding Book Award from the Conference on College Composition & Communication (CCCC).

In Spring 2022, she will travel to Sweden to study universal design and collective access at the University of Gothenberg.

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Poppy Levison

Undergraduate at Central Saint Martins, UAL

Poppy Levison is a 3rd year UG architecture student at Central Saint Martins, UAL. As a blind person, she speaks about architecture’s tendency to fixate on the visual rather than the experiential, as well as the politics of inclusive design. She was a founder participant of the Architecture Beyond Sight intensive study course (an ongoing disability-led collaboration between The Bartlett and The DisOrdinary Architecture Project that explores ways to challenge ableist built environment education practices).

Poppy is also Vice President of AS:CSM, the School’s Architecture Society, and, Disabled Students Rights and Political Coordinator at Disabled Intersectional Voices in the Arts at UAL.

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