UCL Institute for Environmental Design and Engineering


Public engagement

We provide support to particular communities, encourage our staff to share knowledge, expertise and experiences, and bring together the local community, local agencies and academics.

Some of the ways we have done this are:

Dispatches: How to beat your kid’s asthma

UCL IEDE staff members Marcella Ucci and Dejan Mumovic were featured on the Channel 4 Dispatches programme.

The involvement was supported by an EPSRC Partnerships for Public Engagement Grant and contributed to an exploration of the challenges of controlling children’s asthma through preventative means.

Partner in the science bursary scheme

This programme, supported by the Nuffield Foundation, allows over 1,000 students each year to work alongside professional scientists, technologists, engineers and mathematicians.

Year 11 students were placed at UCL to work with staff members, including Hector Altamirano, on 3 research projects related to infection disease transmission.

Animating UCL: VEIV EngD Centre celebrates over 10 years of research

This public event celebrated over 10 years of research in the Engineering Doctorate Centre in Virtual Environments, Imaging and Visualisation (VEIV)

At sunset on Friday 14th June 2013, VEIV showcased examples of their research by projecting visualisations onto the entire façades of the UCL Portico and Wilkins Building.

The event was organised by a team of UCL staff and students, led by Dejan Mumovic.

Watch the video of the event.

Housing, energy and wellbeing

The HEW project allowed researchers and staff members from IEDE to work with community roots groups through 2 dedicated workshops. These helped to progress a shared understanding of housing, energy and wellbeing as a complex system.

Meet the designers of sPins

As part of the project ‘Social (re)connection: choreographing architectural gestures in urban spaces’, an interactive installation titled ‘sPins’ was installed in Euston Square Gardens.

The installation formed part of the Bloomsbury Festival. The project observations were discussed with both academics and members of the public during a public talk. The audience was invited to discuss to what extent design interventions in urban spaces could potentially enhance social connectedness and a sense of wellbeing.

The event was organised by a UCL team lead by Claire McAndrews and Anna Mavrogianni.

Watch a video of the event.

Community resilience Islington South project

We engaged with social housing residents in London’s South Islington to assess their levels of awareness of climate change risk and, in particular, indoor overheating risk. We discussed their current experiences of hot weather and actions aiming to mitigate excess temperatures in their homes.

Crowdwise: engineering the future of energy

This joint public engagement event organised with the New Economics Foundation and the Royal Academy of Engineers presented options for wind energy.

Following a panel discussion, which included Rokia Raslan from UCL IEDE, audience members were invited to develop their own suggestions. The audience then voted for their preferred solution.