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Acoustics & Soundscape

Acoustics Soundscape
Research under this theme covers environmental acoustics, building acoustics, room acoustics, and soundscapes. It is about how sound propagates in urban areas, in buildings, and in rooms; how people perceive and evaluate different kinds of sounds; and how sounds can be controlled, designed, and engineered. Rooted in the science of sound, research in Acoustics and Soundscapes is interdisciplinary, relating to architecture, urban planning, landscape, environmental science, civil engineering, transport engineering, environmental psychology, and sociology.  
Research Topics
  • Urban soundscape
  • Acoustic comfort in various building types
  • Social and psychological aspects of sounds
  • Acoustics of long spaces, extra-large spaces, and sequence spaces
  • Auditorium and room acoustics design
  • Acoustic materials/products, including absorbers, diffusers, acoustic ventilation windows
  • Acoustic properties of vegetation and green roofs
  • Computer simulation of room and environmental acoustics, auralisation, noise mapping
  • Acoustic physical scale modelling
Research Projects
  • Soundscape Indices (SSID) - ERC Advanced Grant
MSc Programmes
PhD Supervisors and Investigators

Francesco Aletta
Jian Kang
Tin Oberman