UCL Institute for Environmental Design and Engineering


FCBS UCL Educational Building Design and Performance Research Programme

30 November 2016

Key facts:

  • Funding Body/Client: Feilden Clegg Bradley Studios
  • Project Partners: EPSRC VEIV EngD
  • Total Project Value: £210,000
  • Duration: 2010-2015
  • Status : Complete

UCL- FCBS Educational Building Design and Performance Research Programme 2010-2015 is a £210,000 research project funded by Feilden Clegg Bradley Studios and supported by EPSRC VEIV EngD programme.

The first stream of the programme focuses on life cycle carbon impact considerations in the redevelopment of higher education buildings. Primary areas of enquiry include the typical magnitudes of initial and recurring embodied carbon impacts during the building life cycle, how embodied carbon impacts may be influenced by design, and the extent to which design options for refurbishment and new-build influence operational carbon impacts. The research includes construction and analysis of a national university buildings energy database and a study of life cycle carbon impacts for a selection of existing university buildings.

The second stream of the programme aims to understand the effectiveness of the new secondary schools already built in light of their aims to improve the school performance and their ongoing legacy. This is been undertaken adopting both, a top-down national level study, and bottom-up case studies focusing on a small number of the newly built schools. The aspects of the built environment examined include air quality, daylight, acoustics, layout and pollutants. This is examined in conjunction with the occupants’ perspective, collected using a novel online interactive data tool; a hybrid of Google Streetview and the photo-survey method of data collection.


PI: Dejan Mumovic

CoI: Alex Summerfield, Kerstin Sailer

R: David Hawkins, Joe Williams