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Past dissertations

These dissertations were completed as part of the MSc EDE course, the module code for them is BENVGBE1.

2017 MSc Built Environment 

Alfredo Munoz-BurgosElectrochemical Energy Storage within the UK Energy Market
Ana Karen Hernandez GarciaCircular Buildings in urban regeneration areas, an approach towards low-carbon cities. Case study: Old Oak and Park Royal common regeneration
Asanka Ehalape GamageComparison of actual performance of naturally ventilated school classrooms in maintaining thermal comfort and indoor air quality with simulation predictions: A case study from a school in Suffolk
Bo YuanEvaluation of Energy and Indoor Environmental Quality Performance of Low Carbon Office Buildings: A Case Study on Office Building in the UK
Cazzato MarinaThe value of Soft Landings
Chen YanThe long term cost of underperforming building fabrics
Chia-ying SuDoes a Side Window Enhance Visitors’ Experience
Choon Han KuekInvestigation of operational factors on mixed mode ventilation system that influences energy consumption. A case study on Advanced Engineering Building at The University of Queensland, Australia.
Chris WongAcoustic Design for Chamber Music through Iterative Digital Simulation and Subjective Analysis
Chrystall ThomasImpact of active living walls on the air quality in a well certified office meeting room: a pilot study
Cynthia SouaidPost-occupancy Evaluation of a Recently Retrofitted Higher Education Building in Central London
Diana Avalos GilAn assessment of the health impacts arising from pm2.5 exposure in low-income housing in mexico. A case study of Ecocasa development
Didier CuretReversible Retrofit - Design for deconstruction applied to solid brick wall thermal insulation
Dieuwertje KingmaWellbeing in the workplace: Understanding the relation between the subjective wellbeing of occupants and an objective WELL Building Standard based assessment in an open-plan central London office.
Fahriye Kubra Doguc TatarReducing the Operational Energy Demand of an Office Building in Central London through Building Fabric Upgrade
Foo Chek Han JansenSeeing is Believing, or is it?: An assessment of the influence of interior finish characteristics on thermal comfort perception at a University campus in a temperate climate
Foteini LentaOpen Space Assessment: Evaluation of outdoor thermal comfort indices within Grasshopper’s environmental plug-ins
Georgia-Aspasia SkorletouBuilding (mis)Information Modelling_Building Object Models (BOMs)
Ibrahim Khalil UmarSustainable Development Goals and Energy Planning in Emerging Economies
Jaime Valero MontesaInvestigating the complexity of certifying an existing floor office building to a WELL Standard compliant from anMEP perspective: a case study of an office building in central Bristol, UK
Jiaying WengAn optimised methodology for building energy simulation calibration
Jin YanGuidelines for converting Revit models to EnergyPlus models by gbXML
Jing YanExploring the Causes of the Performance Gap in Educational Buildings – A Case Study Approach
Junyu WangThe impact of potential factors on the unintended consequences of the Green Deal -- policy analysis and a case study
Kristi KirkExploring the climatic and latitudinal impact on daylight design in classrooms
Lyu JunpengRisk of mould growth: an assessment of the most important factors promoting the development of mould in buildings
Marcela Larrain ChauxThermal Perception in a Co-housing project for Older Women and the relationship with Sleep Quality
Mariana-Marina DimitropoulouThe impact of sensing and improved building control to thermal comfort and effective use of energy
Meita AzniraIntegration of LED Lighting into Energy & Facility Management Systems
Mohamed Ridhwan Bin Mohamed OmarEvaluation of Battery Energy Storage in Residential Buildings with Solar Photovoltaics
Pu GongBuilding-level Energy Consumption Forecasting Using Machine Learning Algorithms
Rocio ZuloagaAssessment of the Chilean thermal regulation regarding humidity
Salem QunsolEnergy and Water Nexus in Jordan
Selman SevindikCircular economy and eco-innovation solutions for low-carbon buildings in Turkey 
Seyma AtikThe Development of An Energy Performance-Focussed Green Building Assessment System: A Proposal for Turkey
Shihan GongPredicted vs. actual energy performance of schools: comparisons between two case studies in the UK with different ventilation strategies
Shiyu LiuEnergy implications arising from the application of the WELL Building Standard criteria to a typical UK office building
Shuo ChenA Review of the Acausal Language - Modelica and the Comparative Evaluation of the Modelling Process and Accuracy against IES
Si Luo Analysis of potential optimization of sustainable energy systems for traditional residential houses in UK and China : two cases in London and Beijing
Sochima OnyenemeluQuantifying the qualitative impact of commercial office design on occupant productivity and organisational performance: A central London case study
Tristan FrazerFuture Options for UK Heat Networks: A feasibility study for low carbon heat networks using heat pumps to utilise waste heat from data centres.
Wing-Yan WongIdentification of industrial symbiosis opportunity in urban mixed-used areas. Case study: Borough of Sutton (London)
Xiaopingrong ZhangExploring the Relationship Between Energy Efficiency Intervention and Indoor Radon Concentration
Xiaowei ZHENGVariations in Indoor/Outdoor Ratios of PM2.5 Concentrations in London during Summer Months
Xinru LiuAssessing and Optimising the Indoor Environment and Energy Performance of a Library Archive in Wickford, UK: A Case Study
Yarong TangIndoor Air Quality Monitoring and Thermal Comfort Investigation in an office based in London

2016 MSc Built Environment

Alexios KoufakisLongitudinal assessment of the energy performance gap in non-domestic buildings:A secondary school case study in London*
Alkyoni PapasifakiMulti Objective Optimisation analysis of non-domestic building retrofit strategies in the UK under climate change uncertainty:A Passivhaus case study approach*
Amalia VranakiParametric Design and Performance Analysis: A Case Study Focusing on Data Integrity 
Andrew KomarnyckyOptimisation of the Urban Form in a Hot Mediterranean Climate 
Anggie AmaliaForward-Backward mapping in assessing drivers, barriers, and policy uptake for energy efficiency in commercial buildings 
Anna TsoumiA multi objective and multi criteria decision makingframework for the selection of optimum energy retrofitstrategies: a non-domestic study 
Antonietta Canta

Effectiveness and impacts of low-cost strategies versus high-cost strategies in the mitigation of summer overheating in an existing naturally conditioned office building in Central London. Pre- and post-intervention overheating assessment using IES-VE Dynamic Simulation Modelling.

Ben SewellPerformance of Thermochromic Glazing across UK & USA Residential Buildings Types 
Chaonan ChenOccupants perceived comfort levels in Passivhaus primary schools’ classrooms during summer and possible improvements by window design 
Cinthia Espino CastilloAn interoperability study between Building Information Modelling (BIM) and Building Energy Modelling (BEM): Integrating Autodesk Revit and IES<VE>*
Dario Arevalo TorresInvestigating the impact of agile working on use of space, comfort, satisfaction and productivity in offices: a case study in aprofessional services office building, UCL Bidborough House*
Dillon BettacThe use of Building Information Modelling (BIM) for Energy Performance Certification. A comparative analysis of BIM-integrated and traditional energy modelling*
Dominic Rassool

An analysis of uptake of air source heat pumps on the isle of man

Ee Huai LimApplying Solar-powered Liquid Desiccant Cooling Techniques with Thermal Energy Storage to Residential Buildings in Hot Humid Climates: A Case Study in Singapore*
Elsa MullinEmpirical Validation of Thermodynamic Energy Modelling Tools for DoubleSkin Facades; A Case Study*
Francesca Taccaliti

Advanced building simulation for calibration and optimisation

Giulia Mori

Selection of external wall insulation systems for domestic refurbishment in a UK climate, considering: lifecycle carbon, energy and costs

Huimin HeThermal bridge early prevention: A case study of asocial housing building in North London 
James D BrayUnderstanding Where Energy Efficiency Retrofit Fits Intothe Cognitive Decision Making Process of Homeownerswhilst Undertaking Home Renovation Works 
Jee Hoon LeeConsideration of the optimum insulation thickness in internal wall insulation for solid wall retrofits, taking into account the energy savings, condensation and mould growth risks at the junctions, and embodied impact 
Juan AlvarezImplementation of passive measures for the reduction of energy consumption of office buildings in Bogota, Colombia.*
Kanchanok SuwanchoteOptimising acoustic conditions in a naturally ventilated lecture theatre 
Keshu QianLow Temperature District Heating Optimisations in UK with Case Studies and Guidelines Evaluations*
Kim SparksAn evaluation of overheating risks and air quality in a passivhaus primary school 
Konstantinos CharalampidisAssessing the power demand and the benefits of a distributed PV-battery system with a DC micro-grid in London University halls 
Kuan WangBIM energy modelling impact for mass retrofit application 
Luisa ScambiaWith regards to energy modelling: how does student’s knowledge compare with industry expectations? 
Lysimachi Iliadi

Evaluation of the thermophysical performance of a non-domestic existing building, pre and post-retrofit compared with design predictions to assess the existence of a performance gap: A case study at the "Central House" Office Building, part of the UCL Faculty of the Built Environment.

Mariana Maisterrena LlagunoHow can a 1960s Building Conversion offer the benefits of a Victorian terrace and the flexibility of a free plan?*
Marie Chaize

Classroom summer overheating risk assessment in a UK passivhaus school building under the current and future climate

Mariel Garcia SalinasEnergy consumption in prisons related to design factors 
Martha VoulakidouDesign optimisation of an archive storage facility: Acase study for an archive warehouse in Wickford, UK 
Mary Lozada Del ValleExploring ways to improve the Energy Institute’s Energy Barometer in order to enhance dialogue between industry and government through a Case Study regarding the UK’s Future Energy Scenarios 
Michael FortuneA feasibility study to determine if EPC energy modelling input/outputdata can be appropriated to generate an operational energy performanceestimate for non-domestic buildings in the UK’’*
Mikel Monclus BazanbideUPGRADING BARCELONA´S ROOFTOPS: Evaluating options for improving Barcelona’s residential flat roofs: Energy, Carbon and Cost 
Nicole IgnacioTOWARDS A RESILIENT ENERGY SYSTEM IN LEYTE,PHILIPPINES: An Investigation of the Current and Future EnergyUse and Supply*
Nor Azizah TalkisOccupants’ perception of a Passivhaus primary school in the UK within the context of indoor environmental condition and spatial design 
Po PangA Procedure for Checking DesignBuilder/EnergyPlus Models 
Rafael Guerra ProanoDaylight and energy consumption multi-objective façade design optimisation:  22 Gordon Street Case Study former Wates House 
Riza SutantoInvestigating Thermal Autonomy 
Stefanos PapathanasopoulosLife Cycle Cost and Carbon Footprint performance ofmodern construction methods.A multi-objective optimisation approach for UK dwellings 
Tariq Al KhaldiFor properties in lower layer super output areas who’s IMD ranking sits within the median for Brighton and Hove, has the price paid (07/2011 - Present) been directly proportional to the most recently attained EPC Value? 
Thomas PierkThe evaluation of vapour pressure in order to assess the risk of mould growth of buildings in the UK*
Xinyue ZhangAn evaluation of energy performance of different HVAC systems in refurbished Passivhaus in London with IES and PHPP*
Yuanyi WeiOverheating investigation in Central House computer cluster through subjective and objective analysis*
Yudan LiuThe Impact of Indoor Environment Changes on Quality of Sleep 
Yulim LeeAn assessment for risk of tuberculosistransmission in educational building, London*
Zhenghao GuoInvestigation on thermal discomfort and air draughts in transitional spaces: A Case Study on Three Lobbies of University Buildings at UCL, UK 

2015 MSc Built Environment

Andreas AlygizosEvaluation of Environmental design plugins developed for parametric modelling with Rhinoceros/Grasshopper*
Afaf AzzouzImpact Of Simulation-Based Life Cycle Carbon- And Energy-Saving Measures On Influencing Early-Stage Office Buiilding Design In Northern European Temperate Climates*
Aidana BatpanovaEnergy Saving Potential of a Typical Five-Storey Apartment Block in Astana, Kazakhstan 
Ranjeet BhaleraoConstraint-based optimization of passive & active measures for a small-scale IT-Office Building in India to achieve specific energy performance and cost targets 
Danila BuontempoOpportunities and barriers to the use of recycled aggregates: The Case of Malta 
Soma ChandraCreating Supportive Built Environment For Dementia And Ageing In A Multi-Speciality Hospital In India: Lessons From ‘Best Practices And Recommendations’ On Care Facilities 
Yunok ChoiRetrofit London’s Social Housing To Zero Carbon Dwelling Using IES VE 
Liliana Cruz DeandarMulti-Objective Optimisation Process For Façades: A Case Study For A Library Building In Monterrey, Mex 
Yifu FengA Comparative Building Performance Assessment of Hybrid and Mechanical Ventilation Systems: A Case Study of Two Office Buildings at University College London 
Veronica Fredes BanadosOverheating assessment of new apartments built under the current Chilean Thermal Regulations*
Paul FrenchFuture scenarios for a decarbonised grid electric system and their implications for building emissions*
Chrysoula GkounidouSeasonal Operational Performance Of A PCM Based Free Cooling System With Mechanical Ventilation A Case Study In A Primary School In London*
Cresentia HadiputriAdaptation Of Construction Waste Management Best Practice In The United Kingdom For Sustainable Construction In Indonesia*
Ines Idzikowski PerezTemperature and Productivity in Freerunning Office Buildings: A Case Study in Central London*
Ramkumar JoshiRetrofitting Hard-to-Treat homes in London: Implications for Residents, Investors and the Government*
Alexandros KazantzisAnalysis of the discrepancies between actual and designed performance of a new-build house in Southampton using thermal modelling 
Angelos KokkalisLow – Energy Cooling and Ventilation System using Phase Change Materials (PCM) 
Lingyue KongOptimizing atrium design: a case study of the
Zhaowuda Hotel in the continental steppe climate of China.
Vasiliki KontopoulouEnergy performance gap assessment and Post Occupancy Evaluation of the recently retrofitted UCL Cruciform Library 
Georgios KoronaiosMeasuring the effectiveness of 3D visualization in the decision-making process 
Vasiliki KourgiozouA multi-method evaluation of thermal upgrade and energy savings of a pre-1919 building with suspended timber floor*
Richard LakeLighting Retrofit as a Financial Investment 
Lorelia Le Gouvello Integrating Renewable Energy in Islands;
Corsica as a case study
Su LeeDevelopment of optimised design guidelines to enhance indoor environmental quality (IEQ) in inpatient rooms through a comparative study of
building rating systems
Yanni LiBuilt Environment and Tuberculosis Transmission in Dwellings in London 
Yubin LuoPotential Possibility of Shoebox Modelling Representing Energy-efficient building Initial Design 
Lewis MacleodUnderstanding Modelling Uncertainty in Design Contexts: A Case Study 
Caterina MangiaAssessing sustainability of University fit-out projects through Ska rating. A Gold Ska award case study in UCL Campus 
Maria Jose Martinez GertnerWellbeing, environmental satisfaction and reported productivity in the workplace: changing from an allocated seating layout to hot-desking in a central London office*
Rodrigo Narvaez SotomayorImpact Of The New Chilean Air-Tightness Regulation On  Indoor Air Quality In Dwellings With Inefficient Heating Sources*
Emine NokayOccupancy And Occupant Behaviour Impact On Indoor Air Temperature And Energy Demand Via Simulations 
David OpokuThe Environmental Footprint Of The Construction Sector In Rapidly Urbanizing Populations Using Ghana As A Case Study 
Maria PapantoniComparison Of Natural Ventilation Assessment Tools With Emphasis On Optivent 
Giuseppe PisaniEvaluation And Critical Analysis Of Existing Rules Of Thumb In Natural Ventilation*
Theeraporn PremchaiswadiThe environmental impact of solid wall insulation for the retrofit of existing UK dwellings: The choice of insulation materials, systems and installation procedure 
Daniel RodriguezThe Effectiveness Of Passive Retrofit Strategies To Reduce Summer Overheating In A Natural Ventilated Office Located In Central London And Their Resilience To A Possible Future Warmer Climate. A Case Study Of A Pre-War Factory Converted Into An Office*
Yeyang SangComparison of design-stage simulation with POE data, and the importance of visualization in evaluating the performance gap 
Laura SastreSustainability Assessment Of A Novel  Aerogel Plaster Insulation System For Solid  Walls In The UK 
Gabriella ScottBridging the gap between the demand and supply of low carbon and renewable energy in non-­‐domestic buildings in sub-­‐Saharan Africa A focus on Solar Energy in South West Nigeria 
Konstantina SkiadaFaçade Design Optimisation: Comparative Study Between IES-VE & DesignBuilder 
Federica SodanoImpact assessment of wall insulation strategies in typical UK solid masonry wall constructions pre 1945 (Mid-terrace and semidetached houses); embodied energy and carbon levels versus achieved savings, individuation of an optimal scenario; how location and climate change can affect the results 
 Jyotsna Sudev Using rammed earth as an alternative wall construction material for UK dwellings 
 David Urtubia Abarca Design Process Of Curved Sound Diffusers To Increase The Speech Intelligibility Based On Digital Optimization*
 Lucas Van Laack Dynamic Solar Architecture At High Latitudes, A Case Study For The Planned Life Science Building From The University In Oslo, Norway*
 Simona Vasinton Multi Objective Optimisation for the minimisation of Life Cycle Carbon Footprint and Life Cycle Cost using NSGA II: A Refurbished High-Rise Residential Building Case Study*
 Peipei Wang A Feasibility Study On A Low-Temperature Waste- Heat Utilisation System: Organic-Rankine-Cycle Power Generation And Further Waste-Heat Reuse 
 Wang Xiang Assessing the impact of urban morphology on summer cooling energy demand in a London office*
 Yechen Yu Evaluation of gaps between SAP, thermal modelling and real performance of UK new domestic dwellings: A case study in Southampton 
 Xuyang ZhongA performance evaluation of mixed-mode ventilation incorporating an optimal control at One Brighton*
 Lei Zhu Life Cycle Assessment Tool For Flooring Materials In Office Buildings: Environmental Product Declaration 
 Ying Zhu The Performance Gap in the Residential Sector: Passfield Drive Case Study*

2014 MSc Built Environment

Constantina AGROTISummer Thermal Performance of Buildings
in a Mediterranean Climate
Teeba ALMUNSHIThe Effectiveness of a Competition and Feedback Strategy to Change Behaviour for Reducing Electricity Consumption in an Existing Modern Student Accommodation Building: A Case Study of iQ Shoreditch, London, UK 
 Eleni ANDREOUShould the Passive House Standard Consider the Environmental Impact of Materials as Part of its Standard?*
Alessandro BALDINIThermal Performance and Occupants’ Comfort in Modern Mountain Huts Case Study: New Monte Rosa Hut 
Wenyue BIANEvaluating the Performance of MVHR Systems: A Case Study at One Brighton 
Christopher CACERES ARAYAShould Schools Located in Polluted Areas be Naturally Ventilated?: A Case Study from Chile*
Caiyu CHENMulti-Objective Assessment of Ventilation Strategies in a Case-Study Dwelling in the Delhi Climate 
Peter COURTENAYUK Energy-Efficient Retrofitted Housing: Is an 80% Reduction Really Achievable? 
Simone DEMURTASThe Case for Integrated Design Method: Case Study -The ZNEB Competition Entry*
Quang Anh DINHProductivity, Investment And Energy Consumption in a Lean Office Refurbishment and Extension: A Case Study From an Office in Central London 
Carlos GARCIA GONZALOIntroduction of Ground Heat Exchangers Modeling in Simulation Tools for Ground Source Heat Pumps Design 
Anastasia GKIKAEvaluating Improvements of the Building Fabric for Minimizing Energy Demand of Dwellings in Mediterranean Climate: A Case Study in Greece 
Thais GODINHODoes LEED Certification Lead to Comfortable and Energy Efficient Buildings? An Analysis of the Design Strategies, Energy Consumption and User Satisfaction of a World Cup Stadium 
 Kai HEEnergy Performance of Conventional Floor by Floor Central Air Conditioning System and Multi-Floor Central Air Conditioning System in High-Rise Office Building 
Shijie JINBuilding Characteristics and User Behaviour Affecting Energy Consumption in Buildings - The Case Study of One Brighton 
Yun JINGThe Use of Building Information Modelling (BIM) Building Energy Certification: A Comparative Analysis of BIM-Integrated and Traditional Energy Modelling*
Jeong Eun LEEThe Impact of Increased Air-Tightness on the Indoor Air Quality of Domestic Buildings in the UK 
Leonidas LEONIDOUInvestigation of the Relationship Between Facade Design and Envelope Thermal Transfer for Shopping Malls in the tropics*
Bingyun LIUEmpirical Study: Investigating the Effect of CO2 Concentration on Reported Thermal Comfort and
Perceived Concentration Level
Constantinos LOUCARIRetrofit Solutions for Solid Wall Dwellings in England: The Impact of Uncertainty Upon the Energy Performance Gap*
Jiannan LUOComparative Analysis Between BREEAM International 2013 and Chinese Evaluation Standard for Green Building (ESGB) (GB/T 50378-2006): A Case Study on an Office Building in Qingdao, China*
Areti-Maria MAKANTASIAdaptation of London's Social Housing to Climate Change through Retrofit: A Holistic Evaluation Approach*
Konstantinos MARAGKOGIANNIS CFD Analysis of the Energy Saving Coatings Application on Heritage Buildings: The Case Study of Turin 
 Halami MOHD MOKHTAR Construction And Demolition Waste Management (CDWM): A Klang Valley Experience 
Themis MOUZOURASAssessing The Performance Of Mechanical Extract Ventilation (MEV) Systems In New Dwellings: A Case Study In Southampton 
Ioannis PANAIRLISEconomic Evaluation of Retrofit Energy-Saving Measures in UK Dwellings: Two Case Studies of ‘Retrofit for the Future’ Houses 
Ioannis PAPADOPOULOSAssessment of Retrofit Interventions through Embodied and Operational Energy: Should the Embodied Energy be Integrated in the Decision-Making Process of Retrofits?*
Nikiforos PAPATHEODOROUMonte Carlo-Based Uncertainty and Sensitivity Analyses Applied to the Retrofitting of a Typical English Mid-Terrace Solid Wall Dwelling 
Ruben PEREZ BAUTISTABuilding Design and Energy Consumption. Archetype Development of the School Building Stock of Leicester City 
Raj RABADIABuilding Performance Evaluation of a Community Building with Complex Building Services 
Panagiotis SAMARASA Study for the Appraisal of the Best-Available Method in Shading Optimisation Design 
Pooja SANNAMANIHow Does a ‘Zero Carbon’ Building Perform in Reality? Case Study: MyPlace*
Ioannis SAVVOPOULOSComparison Between Actual and Predicted Energy Performance for Old and New Dwellings 
Mitakshi SIRSIInvestigating the Potential Contribution of Rooftop Photovoltaic Systems Towards Meeting Residential Electricity Demand: New Delhi, India as a Pilot-Model Case Study*
Yue SUModeling Study: Reducing Gird Emission Intensity in UK Offices While Keeping Occupants Comfortable 
Eleni VOGIATZIHow Robust is Passivhaus Standard in a Future Changing Climate? An Investigation of a Passivhaus Case Study in Five Different UK Locations Under UKCP09 Future Climate Projections*
Chenguang XIONGLife Cycle Cost Analysis of Green Building Strategies for Office Buildings Pursuing LEED Certification in Malaysia*
Xiaofang XUThe Use of Building Information Modelling (BIM) Energy Performance Certificates: A Case Study of SSEES Building 
Alex ZARDISCommunity Engagement in the Effective Provision of Rainwater Harvesting Systems for Rural Communities: A Case Study in San Miguel De Allende, Mexico 
Guan ZHANGSimulative Investigation of Impact of Climate Change on the Loss of Labour Productivity: A Case Study in Cairo, Egypt  
Leshi ZOUEnergy Reduction of the University Laboratory Buildings with Case Study 

2013 MSc Built Environment

Athanasiou VasilikiPerformance of double skin facades in urban environment: case study 350 Euston Road, London 
Borkowski EstherOverheating in Multi-Residential Buildings: A Case Study from East London 
Chatzinota MariaEvaluating the In-use performance of a combined heat and power district heating energy system: the Centenary Quay case study*
Cid EduardoPost occupancy evaluation: A review of design strategies and occupant's comfort of an office building in Santiago, Chile  
Correia NunoDesign and operational performance of educational buildings. POE case study of Thomas Deacon Academy with F+P 
Darviris TheodorosInvestigation of passive measures to mitigate indoor overheating risk following energy efficient retrofit in London mid-terraced dwellings 
Flegkas VasileiosPost Occupancy Energy Evaluation of a high specification office refit in Central London: Case Study of the 7th floor of AirW1 building Generation Investment Management (GIM) Office 
Fouche MoniqueLow-income households: A case study in South Africa. Comparison of the behaviour of owner built dwellings and government subsidy dwellings. Further aspects such as health and energy efficiency will be examined.*
Hanc MadalinaHygrothermal behaviour of internally insulated brick walls under UK climate conditions  
Hyun SoBIM (Building Information Modelling) for sustainable design and construction 
Ji YujiaPredicted vs. actual energy performance of laboratory-based university buildings 
Jiang PengShould the UK move to LEED? An analysis of the in-use energy performance of a BREEAM Certified project in London 
Kim JisooClosing the gap of energy prediction between compliance model and realistic model: Role of modelling tools a commercial building case study 
Koumaditou OlgaThermal and energy performance evaluation of Nansen village's bungalows in North London 
Krampe FlorianRobustness and Sustainable Architecture – Built-in redundancies/adaptation strategies to cope with change to extend the life-cycle while using embodied energy more Energy Consumption, Resource Use and Environmental Impacts of Building Reuse and Replacement: A Case Study on a 1960s Domestic Building in Essen, Germany*
Kyrkopoulos AlexandrosManaging a building performance evaluation program of a residential development during non heating period: a case study from UCL 
Labbe FredDesigning with the sun: Evolutionary algorithm for optimised building design*
Legg GeorgeBuilding Performance implications of Thermal Bridges at intermediate timber floors in Solid Wall construction houses Pre 1919 and their applicability to the Green Deal Initiative. 
Makris-Makridis DimitriosThermal Performance of a straw bale house in Mediterranean climate: a case study from Greece 
Mapentzidis GeorgiosThe Usability of the BIM approach for building energy retrofit: A comparative analysis of BIM-integrated and traditional energy modelling methods.*
Martinez Fonseca NellySolving the black box: Inverse approach for ideal building dynamic behaviour using multi-objective optimization with energyplus 
Moreira Juliana Parametrisation of low energy housing blocks in Brazil, TAS and Revit, autonomous?*
Neroutsou TheodoraLifecycle Costing of Low Energy Housing Refurbishment: A case study of a 7 year retrofit in Chester Road, London*
Pan HuichaoPost occupancy evaluation of atrium operation: case study UCL Paul O'Gorman building 
Papadopoulou EleniPassivhaus in Temperate vs Mediterranean climates: the Chester Balmore case study from London to Athens  
Papamija Urbano BeatrizA proposal for low cost, low-income self-build housing in Bogotá, Colombia 
Park EunjuEvaluation of building regulation standards to reduce residential energy consumption and CO₂ emissions in a typical apartment building in South Korea 
Purcell SeanDaylight design in tall buildings 
Straume Jan ErikAnayzing post-retrofit energy performance against the 2050 criteria:
A case study based on the retrofit for the future program, by the technology strategy board
Thoua ChrysaSummertime overheating risk in a 1960s residential tower block in inner London 
Tsakonas EleftheriosEnergy, thermal and cost evaluation of balcony thermal bridge correction in Athens and London: A case study *
Tsemani MariaIntelligent buildings’ design, from theory to practice. 
Unkaya GozdeThe role of Display Energy Certificates in the decision
making and project development process
Vairaktaris AvraamCost and carbon benefits of Passivhaus Joint refurbishments of UK's domestic building stock 
Valencia PaolaLessons learned from the UK Residential Energy Efficiency Policy and how these can help develop the Chilean approach. 
Wallace KatieCO2 Transcritical Refrigeration in UK Supermarkets and the Adoption of Heat Recovery: A Triple Bottom Line Assessment*
Yusun DenieceThe Applicability of Passivhaus Standards in Residential Dwellings in Metro Manila, Philippines 
Zheleva SilviaEnegy performance and LCCA of pre-fab housing 

2012 MSc Built Environment


BARRETO AngelaEnergy efficient design of curtain wall facades for office buildings in the tropics 
CHRISTOGIANNI MariannaRisk Assessment of Thermal Bridging and related Mould Growth in Housing Refurbishment
The Cherry Orchard Estate case study
DEGIORGIO MatthewCost-optimal energy efficiency measures for residential buildings in Malta*
FANG LiweiEstimation on the relationship between indoor environmental quality (thermal comfort and indoor air quality) and sleeping quality in healthy adults in London 
FARNETANI MirkoCost benefits of passivhaus for a UK residential block: Case study Boatemah walk cost optimal measures for reducing energy consumption for new UK residential buildings 
FU YunchaoTuberculosis transmission and the impact of residential building refurbishment in the UK*
GARCÍA HUIDOBRO VERGARA Fernando Vertical vegetation and greywater usage as passive strategies for Chilean high rise residential buildings 
GARCIA PEREZ DE ARCE Maria Del PilarPolicies to reduce residential energy consumption in RegiónMetropolitana, Chile by socio-economic status and home type*
GKANIS NektariosLife cycle costing framework for evaluating green building rating tools in Malaysia  
GONZALEZ CISTERNA FranciscoAssessing overheating due to climate change in Santiago De Chile's apartments 
HAO WeiEvaluation of How Phase Change Material Influence the Building Thermal Performance and its Economic Aspect 
HUGGETT ElinorOverheating risk in night cooled buildings within London's Urban Heat Island*
KONSTANTINIDOU AthinaPost occupancy evaluation study: Castle Hill Primary School *
KOVACEVIC JoseCost effective measures to reduce Energy Consumption and Carbon Emissions in a Multi functional Building in the Atacama Desert, Chile 
LATINI LorenzoImproving the energy performance of historic buildings. The low-energy retrofit of a XIX century block of flats in Rome.*
LERTSACHANANT ChayaneeConstruction waste management and opportunity for industrial symbiosis 
LOPES GODINHO SaraThe building use studies (BUS) questionnaire as a survey tool in the current domestic post-occupancy evaluation context a case study*
MALKAWI SakherAttainable Measures to Improve Energy Performance for Middle Eastern Houses 
MATSUI KiyoThe investigation and assessment of CFD turbulence modelling approaches applied to the indoor built environment. 
MELANDER IsaReducing energy use in shopping centres in Finland; case study in Espoo, Finland 
ORESKOVIC LukaThermal comfort of outdoor public spaces in hot and humid climates: case of Kuala Lumpur*
PANG SherleenStatistical Analysis of Operational Energy Efficiency and Building Characteristics of School Buildings in Greater London*
PAPADOPOULOU EleniTransfer of the One Brighton development to Athens.Assess the thermal performance of the building in a warm, Mediterranean climate. 
RIAZI Mansoureh (Souri)Effectiveness of Adaptation Strategies to Minimise Overheating in London Houses in Response to Climate Change*
SAKAOGLU AliWhat is the most efficient and economically viable refurbishment method for bringing the bungalows in Nansen village to current standards? 
SCHWARTZ YairVariations in Results of Different Building Energy Simulation Tools, and Their Impact on BREEAM and LEED Ratings: A Case Study*
SHI YangA comparative study of two naturally ventilated schools in London in terms of indoor air quality*
SHIBUYA ToshihikoAssessment of the impact of climate change on current and future requirements for heating and cooling of office buildings in Japan*
SOMANI GovindaEnergy and Financial analysis of LEED EA1 credit on a commercial building of APMC, Mumbai 
TOLOUE HAYAT AZAR ParisaThe Impact of Replacement Windows on Heating-Load,Overheating, and Air Quality of Classrooms of Victorian Schools 
TROUW KateThe Importance of Architectural Design as a Determinant of Energy Consumption in English University Buildings*
WAIBEL ChrisophNon-deterministic shape optimisation of wind-cowls by applying simulated annealing and fast fluid dynamics*
XIE XiaoReduce the discrepancy between predicted and actual building performance in a UK secondary school 
XING LinghanThe use of Therm to investigate different methods of avoiding thermal bridges in UK low energy homes 
XU JiazhenIdentification of Key Parameters Influencing Energy Performance Certificates Predictions :
The Case of UCL Central House
ZHAO ShuhaiLow Energy Strategies to Reduce Office Buildings Energy Consumption in South East China 
BRIGHT DuncanInvestigating the importance of the continuous commissioning of non-domestic buildings through a case study of west Suffolk House*
SWANTON JonathanCombined Heat and Power Feasibility Study 

2011 MSc Built Environment

BAINBRIDGE Jaime MargaretDo buildings that are built according to sustainability principles and to a high environmental standard deliver a sustainable living solution to their occupants? A Case Study: One Brighton.*
CAI Miss ShengjunSensitivity analysis of a ROTEX gas-solar unit, using parametric modeling to investigate optimum usage for a UK low energy home 
CARVAJAL PARRA Miss Maria AndreaControl of relative humidity in dwellings to reduce tubercolosis transmission 
CHALKIAS Mr AlexandrosAre Centralised Heating and DHW systems for UK Residential Blocks leading to low energy consumption in use? Case Study: Granville New Homes 
CHO Miss Soo YounImproving Thermal Comfort Condition in South Korea Temporary housing 
DALAPAS Mr Panagiotis-KonstantinosUnregulated energy use in schools: Energy assessment of Loxford School of Science & Technology*
DINA Ms DianaMoisture movement in breathing walls constructions*
DU Miss XingyanThe Impact of Display Energy Certificate on Efficient Building Design in Higher Education - Analysis of DEC results to date 
DURDEV Miss MilaComparative analysis of performance of Passivhaus and FEES Standard in context of the UK 2016 "Zero Carbon" Target*
Edwards DuwaineThe Use of Solar Energy in Sustainable Food Production 
Farrington DanielClimate Change, thermal comfort, and data visualisation, a case study approach 
GANDARILLAS LICEAGA Mr Raul AlbertoCool Roofs Effect In Mexico 
GEORGITSI Ms EmmanouelaBarbican under-floor heating comfort and energy 
GUNAWARDENA DevanthiLow Carbon Community - An Alternative Energy Strategy 
Gupta Mr AkshayLife Cycle Carbon Assessment of Energy Retrofit Measures in Existing Schools of London (1870-1970)*
Gupta Mr AshutoshInvestigating the changing role of LEED in driving sustainability of commercial office projects in India: 10 Case studies from New Delhi and Bangalore. 
HEVIA Miss Maria De Los AngelesEnergy Consumption and CO2 Emission Reduction for Space Heating Implementing the SAP Methodology in Chilean Dwellings 
IBRAHIM Mr HadiImmediate post-move POE of a recently refurbished office building in central London: the Bartlett School of Graduate Studies (BSGS), Central House-UCL. Do the BSGS offices need to be fully air-conditioned in summer? 
JANSZ Miss AntoniaModelling the effects of green and cool roofs on the urban microclimate within the context of projected climate change*
KARAMICHAILIDOU Miss IoannaLow Energy Retrofit: The case of a mixed use Edwardian building in West London 
KIM Ms JaeranCritical Review of the Use of LEED to Produce a Sustainable Building: Based on a Case Study in Korea 
KOUNADI Miss Maria-LidaEnergy Performance Evaluation of a Low Energy Development: OneBrighton 
LEVY Mr MichaelEnergy performance and thermal comfort of the Low Energy Victorian House*
LYON NUNO Mrs LoretoApplication of IE/IS principles to improve sustainability of winery industry: Case Study of two Chilean Wineries 
MARSHALL Mr Alexander FraserEffects of degradation and climate change on curtain wall air permeability. Case study: a highly energy efficient non-domestic UK building.*
MASTRONIKOLAOU Mr  KonstantinosImpact Assessment of Non-regulated Energy on Design Predictions - A Case Study Approach*
MATIAKI Miss VasilikiEnergy efficient refurbishment in the UK domestic housing stock - the impact on energy savings and occupant's health 
MENENDEZ FERRER Mr Antonio JavierCase study of cost effective measures to improve thermal comfort in a mid-class apartment building in Valparaiso, Chile*
ORAIOPOULOS ArgyrisInvestigating the effect of constructing new dwellings in Urban Gardens on the local microclimate:  Can Green Roofs offset the effects of "Garden Grabbing"? 
PACHIADAKI Miss GlykeriaSummertime Indoor Overheating and Energy Use Assessment of a Newly Constructed Office Building in a Hot Continental Climate 
PALMER AllanField testing of an installed Ground Source Heat Pump 
PAPAKOSTA Miss AthinaPredicted vs. Actual Energy Performance of Non-Domestic Buildings: A Secondary School Case Study*
PAPAKOSTA Miss ChristinaThe Energy Performance of Greek School Buildings: A Case Study from Athens*
PISANI Ms MarilynOverheating in New School Buildings*
PLUCKROSE Mr HarrySmall and Medium-Size Speculative Housebuilders and the Zero Carbon Agenda*
PRINGSULAKA Mr ThattaReducing Energy Consumption for Thai Residential Block: Investigation of energy consumption for Retrofit or Rebuild options 
RAMSAMY Miss Marie Venisha SabrinaSustainable Housing in Mauritius: A Pattern Book Approach*
SAKIPIS Mr DimitriosIndoor Air Quality in Residential Dwellings in Athens, Greece: investigation of Radon and PM contribution to indoor air concentrations. 
SAMEI KHAMENEH Mrs LeilaAn Evaluation of Heating and Cooling Energy Reduction Methods for Residential Buildings in Tehran 
SOUFLIAS Mr AlexandrosOn Use of CIBSE TM22 to Induce Energy Consumption Analysis in Low Carbon Schools: a Case Study Approach 
STAFYLAKI Miss ChristinaLondon vs. Athens Passivhaus: Transfer of the Ranulf Passivhaus to the Mediterranean Climate 
SUGIMOTO Miss Telma ReginaFactors Affecting Energy Consumption of the Central London Office Portfolio of a large developer. 
TAHA Miss YasminaThermal Performance of a Mud Guest House in a Hot Dry Climate: a case study from Egypt 
VALENTINI Miss VivianaProposal of a methodology to assess the risk of Tuberculosis spread in residential buildings*
VENNER SusanAssessment of the refurbishment of a pre-1919 house aiming to achieve an 80% carbon reduction 
ZHU YiminTHE LOW ENERGY RETROFIT: A Case Study of A Dwelling House In London 

2010 MSc Built Environment

Nupur AgarwalPassive Design Strategies to Reduce Air-conditioning Use in Mumbai, India 
Umang AgrawalEco industrial parks: a framework for infrastructural planning and architectural design*
Mel AllwoodThe influence of occupant behaviour on the energy performance of low-carbon domestic properties*
Georgios AskounisPassive Downdraught Evaporative Cooling Performance Assessment in School of Slavonic and East European Studies & Adaptation to Mediterranean Climate 
Marielle Claire AssueEconomic and Environmental Analysis of methods to reduce GHG emissions from hotels in Caribbean: Case study - Barbados*
Carrie BeharThe Peabody Low Energy Retrofit, A Case Study of a Victorian Terraced House in Battersea*
Fiona  BoyceIdentification of the conflicts contained in the literature on school design 
Antonin BriardEnergy Efficiency Schemes: A Case Study of the London Borough of Camden 
Eleni ChatziioannouEvaporative Cooling for Athens-Greece, Physical Modelling and Simulations*
Ioannis ChristopoulosThe Thermal and Energy Performance of a Greek College: A Monitoring and Modelling Case Study 
Belarmino  CorderoNatural ventilation and a noise control in a balcony refurbishment in Madrid 
Alejandra CortesIndoor Air Quality in a City Dependent on Wood Fuel as a Primary Energy Source: Temuco, Chile. A Case Study*
Kyriaki DeliousiDoes sustainable neighbourhood design engender community creation? A case study of Greenwich Millennium Village. From the brief to implementation and everyday life*
Lucienne EllulIs there a Low Energy way to do Pre-fabricated Temporary Conversions of Heritage homes in Malta? 
Myrtia FasouliThermal Performance Analysis and Retrofitting Strategies: Brandrams Wharf case study 
Gavin FUNGPassive House Care Homes, Case Study - Victoria House, Shooters Hill Road, Woolwich, London 
Carolina GaleazziThe Energy Performance of an iconic example of Brutalist Architecture in : A case study of the Barbican Residential Towers 
Andreia GuerraCan local renewable energy technologies aid the security of electricity supply in Brazil? Case study of jardim guapira and Guapira Country Club 
Keni GuoIntegrate Renewable Energy Supply into Building Demand Management System 
Sabine HogenhoutModelling the urban microclimate: A case study of the Barbican Estate in London*
Hector Enrique JaurrietaDesign guidance for low energy social housing in Monterrey, Mexico 
Michail KazdaglisAn Integrated Diagnosis and Decision Method for Analysis of Repetitive Thermal Bridges in Multi-Occupancy Residential Buildings 
George KyprianidesAn Evaluation And Energy Reduction Proposal of A Warehouse - Office Construction In Cyprus: Case Study of a Private Organisation 
Jennifer LoveWhat can be learned from the process and results of modelling thermal mass in dwellings? 
Anthony Kung Chun MaThe potential for aquifer thermal energy storage in London: A Case Study on the Westway Beacons Development and the Lessons to be Learnt 
Charlie  Morris MarshamDo solar installations affect the value or saleability of domestic properties in Oxford.*
Shady Albert MichaelDesign of Learning spaces in higher education. 
Kostantia MisyriDeterminants of Energy Efficient Building Design in Higher Education*
Ioanna MytilinaiouEvaluation of Solar Power on Mixed Use Buildings in London and Athens 
Elisa PrestiaLow energy refurbishments: process from design to construction 
Abhilash Palakkadan RajanAn investigation on food waste reduction using aerobic bins and the potential environmental and economical benefits in UK 
Elizabeth Jayne Juelin RayEnergy benefits and modelling of a retrofit green roof in London, UK 
Sonia RimankovaUK 2020 emission and renewable energy targets: quantifying contribution of domestic photovoltaic electricity under the Feed-in Tariff policy*
Craig RobertsonDesign Predicted versus Actual Recorded Energy Use*
Yijun SongOn the Use of Building Performance Simulation for the Design of Olympic Venues 
Efastathios SpyropoulosEvaluation of a Ground Source Heat Pump installation at a mixed use building 
Trevor SweetnamBuilding Refurbishment vs. Demolition and Rebuilding: Cost effectiveness per tonne of carbon saved.*
Jung Bond TseFeasibility study of Geothermal Piles for the Wilkins Building 
Nuttanee VongveeranonchaiLondon domestic energy consumption in the context of climate change 
Xinxin YuEnergy consumption and behaviour change: A case study in 1-19 Torrington Place 
Sanaz ZahediA comparative analysis of daylight measurement methods in LEED 2.1, 2.2 & 3 and potential improvement for future assessment, case study of Johnson Controls Headquarter, Glendale*

2009 MSc Built Environment

Priyanka ARORAArchitectural Analysis of Schools: towards a Conceptual Framework for Developing Design Guidelines for School Buildings 
Greta CARUANA SMITHOn Use of Architectural Tools for the Energy Efficient Retrofitting of Schools*
Lia CHATZIDIAKOUOverheating and the Use of Air Conditioning in Athens Dwellings*
Vasileia CHATZINASIOUIndoor Environmental Quality Schools: Overheating and Health*
Lee CURTISEnergy Efficient Refurbishment of Schools 
Amrita DASGUPTARoadmap to Zero Carbon Schools: Designing Schools under the DCSF Task Force*
Aikaterini DRAKOUInvestigation of the Applicability of the Passivhouse Standard in Mediterranean Climates: Special Focus on Greek Climate 
Ayman EL-HIBRIAn Evaluation of Carbon Reduction Methods for Residential Buildings in Beirut*
Keni GUOIntegrate Renewable Energy Supply into Building Demand Management System 
Danny HEBDENA Review and Comparison of Design Intentions and Final Occupied Performance within an Educational Building 
Hrysoula HELIDONAKIUncertainty in Building Performance Simulations. Empirical Validation in a Naturally Ventilated Office. 
Badria JAFFARDelivering Zero Carbon Schools under the BSF Programme: the Role of the PFI*
Greg JONESInnovate Office: a Working Life… 
Eleana KALOUMENOUEvaluating Sustainability in Large Scale Office Developments: the Processes and Impacts of "More London" 
Tim KNIGHTAre Small Scale Wind Turbines a Feasible Method for Complying with Government Policy in an Urban Environment: Case Study National Portrait Gallery 
Angeliki KOKKINICan Existing Social Housing in Greece Become Energy Efficient? The Case Study of a Social Housing Complex in Maroussi, Attiki*
Kyriaki KOUTSOUPotential Problems with Complaying with the Merton Rule: Case Study Granville Centre 
Magdalini MAKRODIMITRIEnergy Efficient Refurbishment of Old Dwellings. The Case of 17 St Agustine´s Road Victorian House 
Graham MAXWELLTypical Effectiveness of Implementing Energy Saving Measures within UK Supermarkets in Relation to Reducing Carbon Emissions and Operational Costs 
john MCLOUGHLINSimulating Heat Air and Moisture in EnergyPlus 
Minal MULIKRisk Assessment of Natural Ventilation Systems for Summer-time Overheating in UK Schools Using UKCIP02 
Veronica OCHOA LOPEZAssessing the Possibilities of Attaining Code for Sustainable Homes Energy Requirements for Levels 3 and 4 through Fabric Enhancement Only Based on the Barrat Green House 
Eleni OIKONOMOUThe Relative Importance of the Urban Heat Island for Overheating in London Dwellings*
Aidan PARKINSONEnvironmental Noise in Schools 
Antonis PRODROMOUThe Use of Thermal Mass in UK Schools: Strategies to Mitigate the Effects of Climate Change*
Davina RAJKOMARAccelerating the Deployment of Renewable Electricity in the UK: Lessons from Abroad 
Peter RANKENVincent House, Enfield. An Energy Use Assessment of an Electrically Operated Mixed Use Building 
Sotirios RAVAZOULASHow does the European Union Enforce Greenhouse Gas Reductions in Buildings on Member States: Case Study EPBD in Greece 
Dia REGKARanking Methodology for Evaluating the Probability of Summer Overheating in London´s Dwellings 
Neil RICKETTSThe Effect of Plant Sizing Using Static or Dynamic Modelling for a Standard UK Office 
James SANDERSIs the Merton Rule an Effective Method of Reducing the Carbon Footprint of UK Building 
Georgia SARANTOPOULOUInvestigating the Creation of a Habitable and Energy Efficient Underground Dwelling: the Case Study of "Snowden II", North Kensington, London, UK. 
Nadia SAVVOPOULOUHarmonies and disharmonies on the acoustic design of small venues for popular music 
Isabel SILVAHeating and Cooling Offices Using Building Integrated Unglazed Solar Collectors: Case Studies in London and Lisbon 
Pauline TZACHRISTAWhy is the Actual Operating Energy Use for Low Energy UK Homes Higher than that Designed? 
Christina ZIRAA Comparison between Three European Standards for Energy Assessment of Buildings: The Passivhaus Standard, the Standard Assessment Procedure and the Batiment Basse Consommation 
Adamantia ZISOPOULOUDesigning Buildings with Reduced Total Lifecycle Energy Consumption. Case Study: Office Building of an Architect 

2008 MSc Built Environment

Cagan CERKEZDomestic and Commercial Air Conditioning use in Northern Cyprus: A Study on Occupant Use Patterns 
Jue CHENRenewable Energy for Sustainable Communities: Case Study Dongtan, China 
José CORREARenewable Energy Potential in Colombia 
Christine DEMANUELEInvestigating the Discrepancy between the Predicted and Actual Energy Performance of Buildings*
Vivian DORIZASReducing Carbon Emissions in the Greek Hotel Sector: Study Sami Beach Hotel, Kefalonia 
Shaun FERNANDOAssessment of the Summertime Thermal Performance of Natural, Mixed-Modal and Mechanical Ventilation Strategies in Newly-Built Schools Under UKCIPO2 Warming Scenarios and the Efficacy of Potential Adaptation Strategies*
Carolina FERREIRACan the Portuguese National Plan for Energy Efficiency (PNAEE) Reduce CO2 Emissions of Bairro de Alvalade by 60% by 2050?*
Babis GIANNIKOPOULOSDelivering a Sustainable Future for Offices in Greece in the Context of Climate Change: The Case-Study of a Public Office Building 
Antri HADJIEFSTATHIOUOpportunities for PV on Public Buildings in Cyprus: Case Study Proposed Design for Paphos City Hall 
Sungmin HONGDesign and Operational Performance of Advanced Naturally Ventilated Buildings*
stella KAMARIANAKIThe Cost for Achieving Code of Sustainable Homes Level Six. Case Study: Ely Court 
Maria KARAMITSOUA Naturally Powered Building at a Typical UK River 
Thaleia KONSTANTINOUImproved Facades for Office Buildings. Case Study: Wates House*
Tom LAKKASSustainable Cooling Technique: The State of the Art 
Marina LASKARISAnalysis of Thermal Comfort in a Complex Atrium under Current and Future Climatic Conditions: Case Study Paul O´Gorman Building, UCL 
Francis LIOptimum Implementation of Small-Scale Combined Heat and Power Plant in UK Hotel Buildings: A Case Study*
Yubo LIUThe Design and Evaluation of Integrated Shading Device for Commercial Building in Different Climates in China 
Ahmed MAHMOUDEnvironmental Optimisation in New Urban Desert Communities. A Case Study of the Student Housing Units in the New American University in Cairo Campus 
Maria NIKOLAIDOURefurbishment and Summer Overheating in a Victorian House 
Ismini PANOPOULOUArchitecturally Sensitive Retrofitting of solar photo voltaic (PV) cells  to a Residential Block in Greece to Reduce its Carbon Footprint 
Nick PAPASReducing CO2 Emissions of a Mixed-Use Development in Greece: Case Study of a Private Enterprise 
Deepali PAWARGreen walls: A Design Solution for Cooling Buildings 
Violeta PRADO PAPADOURIReduction of Lighting Energy Consumption in Office Buildings through Improved Daylight Design*
George SMARAGDISMould Growth and Refurbishment of High-Rise Residential Buildings*
Petros TSITNIDISThe Introduction of 10% Renewable Energy in Every Building. Possibility or Probability?. Case Study: Granville Plus Community Centre, London, UK 
Nikos VOGIATZOGLOUThe Importance of Embodied and Operational Energy and the Use of Renewable Energy Systems (RES) in the Domestic Sector in Greece: Case Study, Analysis of a Design for a Private Residence in Athens 
Meike BORCHERSImplementation of the Passive House Standard in UK Housing 
Stephanie GAUTHIERAssessment Tool for London's Heat Island*
Bill LEDDINGTON-HILLSouth Cambridgeshire District Council: A Model for the "Sustainable" office 
Maren SEIBOLDRefurbish or Rebuild? A Review of Existing Housing Stock in Great Britain*
Ashley STONEAre we Entering the Trigeneration? The Feasibility of Combined Cooling, heating and Power in the UK 
Erik MOOREGlare Assessment Methodologies and their application to the office environment: A study for the climate of Sydney Australia 

2007 MSc Built Environment

Amo AMODEKARCan the UK produce a community of zero carbon homes for a unit price of £60k? 
Mary MITSOPOULOUCalculation of energy for lighting using EN 15193 
Kostas APOSTOLAKISSpace and water heating in UK multi-residential buildings: Comparison of heating systems and heating design parameters 
Angie BARAArchitectural and Environmental Review of Thermo-chromic Cladding. Case Study: Wates House 
Sarah CARPBS ISO EN 14001: 2004 A critical review 
Tomas ELIZALDEA study of the effectiveness of wind catchers and natural ventilation performance within the urban context using computational fluid dynamics*
Ikumi FUSHIMIAn investigation into the Personal Carbon Dioxide Emissions 
Christina GALYFIANAKIInsulating thermal window shutters for a Mediterranean climate*
Yan GUOThe assessment of Housing Refurbishment and Renovation Programmes 
Tina LIUTrend of semi-transparent photovoltaics in modern high-rise building design 
Ian HAMILTONERGOMORPHOLOGY: solar and anthropogenic exposed surface energy balance within the built form of the London Urban Environment*
Sofia PAPADOPOULOUThermal comfort and hypnosis 
Bipin HEMAM SINGHOverheating in naturally ventilated secondary schools in England in summer 
Rashed al NASA'APost occupancy review of comfort conditions at Heelis, Central office building for the National Trust 
Dimitris KORRESThe role of BEMS for offices. Case-study: 1-19 Torrington place 
Maria POGONIDOUGlazed facades. A case-study of the Paul O'Gorman UCL Research Institute by Grimshaw Architects 
Anna MAVROGIANNIImpact Assessment of climate change on thermal comfort in a naturally ventilated school*
Elen RASKOUSustainability of solid wall external insulation in existing UK housing*
Rimante OKKELSPost-occupancy evaluation of educational building with downdraught cooling 
Chris SAMOUILThe potential for PV’s in Greek Commercial Buildings*
Elena SOULTIDesign options analysis for a Zero Energy block of flats in Athens, Greece 
Leon TATLOCKFeasibility study of low level Photovoltaic Concentration 
Carlos ALCALDESustainable Sports Stadia: Potential and Strategies for FC Barcelona's Camp Nou Stadium 
Nini ZHAOThe potential development of building integrated photovoltaics in China 

2006 MSc Built Environment

Sara ABTAHIEmbodied energy of a UK office fit-out 
Tina BAYERLThomas Herzog Representative of sustainable architecture 
Nick BOIDCost effectiveness and environmental impact comparison of CHP produced heat versus level of insulation 
Carolina CANEVA-AKLEEvaluation of the potential of solar energy technology in the public library of Medellin, Columbia 
Matthew CHANTZIDAKISTidal power extraction at Greenhithe 
Rozi CHRISTODOULAKIEnvironmental Assessment The Eden Project*
Gareth CROSSReducing cooling energy consumption in data centres and critical facilities 
Pavlos DIAMANTOUROSThe energy performance of thermochromic glazing*
Nikoletta DIMERAGround Source Heat Pumps for heating and cooling in Greece 
Angeliki DIMITRIOURefurbishment of a Victorian terraced house for energy efficiency 
May GEORGIOUAn environmental guide for selecting wall cladding materials for architects 
Marjan GHOLAMALIPOURDetailed PV cladding design for office refurbishments*
Andreas GIAKOUMAKISEstimating annual buildings ground floors heat losses using a one dimensional numerical model 
Vagelis GIOUVANOSOptimal cavity wall insulation study for projected climates and energy trends in UK 
Lidia JOHANSENEnvironmental assessment of low-energy social housing Boatemah Walk building, Brixton 
Panos KAKONITISDesigning public spaces for environmental comfort 
Emma KAUPPAYMUTHOOClimate change and heat waves: their implications on care homes in the UK 
Miloslava KAVGICComparison of the thermal comfort and air quality in two Belgrade theatres with different mechanical ventilation systems 
Marina KYMPOURIThe impact of solar control in buildings performance focusing on mesh shading systems 
Henrietta LYNCHIs Biomass the Answer to Planning Policy Statement 22  (PPS22) in London? 
Michela MANGIAROTTIEnergy Efficiency in UK Shopping Centres 
Peter MUELLERReassessing Housing Design: Towards delivering the 60% carbon reduction on 2050*
Rufy RUANEnvironmental Assessment of Extensive Green Roofs in the UK 
Yuri SAIGOThe Potential of Japanese Designed Fuel Cells for energy supply in UK Dwelling 
Emlu SCHEMBRIFurther opportunities for improving the energy performance of traditional buildings 
Dong Wook (Shin) SHINThe Potential of the Korean Yellow Soil House to Deliver a Healthy and Sustainable Environment 
Korn TANTIWANITBenchmarking energy efficiency of office buildings in Bangkok 
Ben THOMASAn environmental assessment of building integrated wind turbines in the UK 
Saryu VATALImpacts of change in activity within the home: As assessment of the trend of working from home 

2005 MSc Built Environment

Rula Sa'Ad AL-ASIRPassive downdraught evaporative cooling in office building: Jordan 
Nikolaos ANGELISSolar chimney design, investigating natural ventilation and cooling in offices with the aid of computer simulation 
Elena ARZUA-TOURINOSolar control systems in office buildings with large glazed facades in the two major climates of Spain 
Ronald Wai Ho CHANModelling the effect of UK energy policy and climate change 
Asimina CHATZIMANOLIEvaluation of energy efficient design competition of a public office building in North Greece 
Maria GHIATAAnalysis of the embodied and operational energy: Study of a suburban house in Athens, Greece 
Penny GOMATOUA study of the feasibility of surface water heat pump systems in office buildings near the Thames 
Achilles KALOGRIDISPast, present and future of passive homes in Solar Village 3, Athens (Pefki)*
Kevin KATIGBAKAssessment of the use of green and reflective roofing on the Urban Heat Island in London 
Klimis KATOGASInvestigating the possibility of Transparent Insulation Materials as façade elements 
Young Ki (Kim) KIMNight ventilation strategies in Korean apartment units - ventilated apartment and solar chimney 
Juliana KORPRASERTSRIAir conditioning use in Thai's household, The interrelationship of people, climate and building designs (Thailand) 
Kafeel LODHIAn investigation into HVAC option for an office building in Pakistan (absorption chillers) 
Ricardo MUNIZ MOREIRARenewables go urban: Alternative energy options for low income communities in Rio de Janeiro*
Steve NEWTONDesign of environmental conditions in hospital wards Case Study: 4 Wards in Whittington Hospital London*
Mark PLUMMERWinter performance of large naturally ventilated offices: Case Study - The Arup Midlands Campus 
Shadia RAHMANIs the "Environmental Impact Assessment" process an effective method of optimising CO2 emissions for a given development? 
Alex REEVEWhat price sustainability? The relationship between capital expenditure and environmental impact for a new build office in the UK (BREEAM)*
Xaran RODRIGUEZ FUEYOEnergy efficiency in schools Case Study: Colegio Public de Cabuenes, Asturia (Northern Spain) 
Kat SCOTTBuilding integrated solar energy at the scale of a small residential block in the UK 
Chat SUTHAMMASAGlass window options for house in Thailand: Energy Performance and life cycle cost analysis (eQUEST) 
Pratima WASHANRefurbish or redevelop? A sustainability comparison for social housing in Brixton (Angell Town) 
Ming Tak Matthew WONGLow energy design for high rise residential buildings in Hong Kong*
Al WOODThe Potential for Modern Methods of Construction to Provide Affordable Energy Efficient Housing in the UK 
Nancy ZIKRIVariation of carbon costs with dwelling density and feasibility of tall low energy residential buildings in London. 

2004 MSc Built Environment

Vishnu ANISHETTYOptions for sustainable construction in eastern European countries: Romania panel block housing 
Seema BEDIGreen Design for commercial high rise intensive building type in Mumbai, India 
Shelly COMERGenerating solar renewable electricity with existing urban building stock 
Raquel HERNANDEZSolar absorption cooling 
Celia Sze Man HSINCourtyard house with large south facing glazing: an ideal passive solar design of housing for thermal comfort – Milton Keynes Energy World revisited. 
Dora KOUNAVIEnergy efficient cladding: An autonomous solar façade module 
Sofianos KRIEZISEnergy simulation software: Theory and Use 
Jin LUA comparative study of domestic building regulations (England and Wales, and China) and their impacts on energy consumption. 
Ira MAINAInvestigation of the hydrogen economy and study of a production system converting solar energy to hydrogen*
Ana Claudia MARTINS DE MELOPassive downdraught evaporative cooling (PDEC):Using low income prototype and traditional chimney as case studies in Moura, Portugal 
Giuliano PAIRONEEnergy efficient building envelope design: The new Ferrari restaurant 
Ed STANCLIFFEThe OCE Dayroom – Room for improvement? A study of thermal comfort and ventilation in the Oxford Centre for Enablement. 
Electra STRATIGAKISeawater cooling systems: feasibility study for the Greek island of Mykonos 
Jon COLLINGEA theoretical study into the feasibility of Ground Source Heat Pumps (GSHP)*
Parinaz MIRZAEICost vs Benefits of Energy Efficienct Housing in the UK 
Marta SUAREZIntegration of Energy Efficiency with Rehabilitation of historic buildings: A case study*
TSsz Yat Hyvan WONGInterseasonal Underground Thermal Energy storage (UTES) A perfect solution for energy saving. 
Viet DOAn approach to sustainable architecture for office buildings in Vietnam 
Ayub PATHANSimplifying ventilation controls in mixed mode offices: A study for hot and dry climatic zones 

2003 MSc Built Environment

Alexandra BELONIAAir Quality and Ventilation Strategies in Hospitals in Greece and the UK*
Emma DEWEYInvestigations into the Use of Daylight and its Importance to Building Users 
Cecilia EISNERHow Green is Women and Health, an environmental assessment of the building*
Talal ELGAILYInsulating the Domestic Sector in Madrid: Carbon dioxide and monetary savings potential 
Kyong Chul JEONGParametric Study of Passive Downdraught Cooling for Buildings in an Urban Context 
Metha JIAMSAKULEffect of Reducing the Building Energy Load from Daylighting in a Tropical Climate 
Myrto KOLIRISThe Benefits of Trees and their Potential as Shading Devices in the Office Environment: Case studies in UK and Greece 
Ioannis KOUVIDISEnvironmental Control and Assessment of the Risk of Condensation in Museums: The case study of the Archaeological Museum of Iraklion 
Ying-Wai KUNGUsing PCM to Reduce Cooling Loads in UK Offices 
Danae KYNIGOUExperimental Research on Carbon Monoxide Emitted from Joss Sticks 
Byungyun LEEBuilding Integrated Photovoltaic / Thermal Hybrid Systems - a comprehensive evaluation of the electricity and useful heat generated where applied to a UK office 
Lenia PINTELAInvestigation of mixed mode offices in Greece (Patras) 
Muna RIZIG-ALLAOptions for Electricity: Rural and nomadic usage of solar energy in Sudan*
Javier SANCHEZ VALLADARESEnergy Consequences for Dual Use Refurbishment: Business and Residential 
Ana SERRAThe Impact of the Portuguese Building Regulations on Energy Consumption*
Marcella UCCIVentilated Concrete False-ceilings: A novel solution to exploit thermal mass for low-energy cooling of office buildings*
Henry WOONComputational Simulation Analysis of Displacement Ventilation and Static Cooling Systems 
Manos XENAKISPassive Solar Systems and Thermal Storage Walls (Trombe-Michel) in Particular 
Ching-Hua YEHSolar Electrical Generation Combined with CHP System in Domestic Buildings*
Amy ZIKRIThe Effect of Building Form on Energy Use and Daylight Levels 

2002 MSc Built Environment

Anis ABOU-ZAKIUnderstanding the Triangle: Glazed buildings, shadings and Part L2*
Bukky ADEGBEYENIPassive Downdraught Cooling in Non-Domestic buildings: The use of chilled water cooling coils to induce buoyancy driven airflow in the UK 
Isabel CARMONAEnvironmental Feedback: A case study approach*
Ifigeneia FARROUEnvironmental Conditions and Thermal Comfort in Sports Centres 
Anthony FENSOMEInsulated from Reality?  The policy, practicality and policing of Part L1*
Nataly HAWImpact of Climate Change on Energy Consumption of UK Dwellings 
Mark JANKOIncidental Energy in Buildings: Air movement in liftshafts 
Yan JIPassive Solar Design for Residential Buildings in China 
Erini MATSOUKIExperimental Measurements and Subjective Evaluations of Low Frequency Noise in Multi-Use Buildings 
Alexandra MATTHAIOUThe Greek Energy System and the Energy Performance of the Olympic Village in Athens*
Taariq MAUTHOOREnergy and Construction Costs and Environmental Performance of Naturally Ventilated Bed Units within a Hospital Ward 
Christos PATRONISPreventive Conservation: Evaluation of the Performance of Protective Glazing Systems at Canterbury Cathedral 
Stelios PLAINIOTISThe Climate and Environmental Strategies in Knossos during the New Palace Period*
Quinton POPIs Nighttime the Right Time for the Lanchester Library?  A review of current research into night cooling with a case study from Coventry to Cape Town 
Maurice WONGStudy of Three Commercial Kitchens in the Effectiveness of the Ventilation Systems and the Effect on the Internal Environment 

2001 MSc Built Environment

Bukola BOLARINDEThe Factors Affecting the Energy Consumption of Chilled Ceiling Systems 
Oscar CASTROEnergy Consumption in Low-Mid Income Housing Estate in Guadalajara, Mexico 
Ivan CHANCentralised Versus Distributed Air Conditioning: A study of the energy consumption issues 
Tony CHANUrban Heat Island - Case study north London 
Michael COLYERWind energy conversion systems 
Lucy DARKINTesting the Validity of Fixed Thermal Mass in the Standard Assessment Procedure (SAP)*
Eric DAVIDThe Cooling Effect of Vegetation and Water Features on the Urban Microclimate 
Carrie FUNGA Review of the BRE Environmental Assessment Method (BREEAM) as a Design Tool for Energy Efficient Buildings 
Christos GATIDISAirtightness Deterioration in Superinsulated House: Post-occupancy tests; simulation analysis of the different factors that affect energy consumption*
Sandra HERRERA-FRANCHINAPost Demolition - Pre Construction (Energy Issues Associated with the Recovery Process of Building Materials) 
Helen HITIROGLOUHas Richard Rogers signed “The Contract” with Nature? 
Sung HONGHygrothermal Study of Dover Keep*
Sameer JAINSimulation Software and the Architectural Design Process 
Aurore JULIENChameleon Facades*
Johanna KNAAKThe Potential of Zero Heating Houses in Southern European Countries 
Panayiotis PANAYIPrioritising Energy Investments: The case of the new Cyprus dwelling 
George PAPAKOSTASEuropean Domestic Window Energy Rating: A short study of its robustness 
George SPASISBuilding Services Distribution Strategies and Energy Consumption in Offices*
Spiridoula TSIMOURIExperimental Measurements and Subjective Evaluations of Noise Levels in Museums*

2000 MSc Built Environment

Ian FLEWITTThe Role of Residential Refurbishment in Reducing Carbon Dioxide Emissions in the UK 
Simon WALTERAir Quality in Naturally Ventilated Decked Car Parks 
Dominia APOSTOLIDOUThermal Conditions in Contemporary Residential Buildings in Greece 
Arthur BARKERImproving the Internal Comfort Levels in Low-Income Housing in Cape Town, South Africa 
Eleni CHATZIGEORGIOUEnergy-Efficient Measures and Improvement of Thermal and Visual Comfort in the 3rd Secondary School (Gymnasium) of Ne Smyrni in Athens, Greece 
Joern von GRABEVentilation of Double Facades: The development of a prediction tool for analysing the temperature behaviour and the flow characteristics of double facades 
Aisha HALADUPassive Downdraught Evaporative Cooling: A review of the current state-of-the-art 
Andros IOANNOUComputer Simulation of Energy Efficiency Measures Applied to Greek Offices 
Maria KIKIRACrushed at Rush Hour: An investigation of thermal comfort in London Underground trains 
Kuskana KUBAHAThermal Comfort and Firemen’s Clothing 
Elina NANOPOULOUThe Impact of Increasing Pedestrianisation on the Uptake of Naturally Ventilated Offices in Athens, Greece 
Mariangela NIFAKOUOpen Plan Offices: Noise and privacy issues 
Alexios REIZISCooling and Heating of an Archaeological Museum in Greece 
Manos SAFOSEnergy Audit of Small Power Loads in the Bartlett School of Graduate Studies 
Alessandra SENTINELLISummer Environmental Performance of the Monumental Ensemble of St Agnes in Rome 
Andri SOFRONIOUHeavyweight and Lightweight Structures and their Effect on the Internal Environment: An investigation for buildings in Athens 
Michael STAHLMANNThermal Properties and Airflow: The role of the double facade 
Ralph TIEMANN ZIEMSAssessment of Comfort Conditions of Low-Income Housing in Hot Humid Climate, Venezuela: Maracaibo: The complete case study 
Maria TSAMBALIThe Use of Solar Water Heaters in Greece 
Malika MOKHBIReducing the Energy Consumption in an Air-Conditioned Office Building 
Dina SOELEMANThe Effect of External Openings on the Thermal Performance of Small Naturally Ventilated Non-Domestic Buildings in Northern Europe including a case study of a small notional open plan office building located in Butler’s Wharf by the River Thames in London 

1999 MSc Built Environment

Stamatina AMPATIA Bioclimatic Approach to the Vernacular Architecture of Santorini: the effect of climate, construction methods and building materials on the internal environment of the island’s dwellings 
El-Khier BELAYATAppropriate Building Design Strategies in Hot Dry and Hot Humid Climates 
Edward CHANEnergy Efficiency in  High-rise Housing in Hong Kong 
Sandie EDWARDSAppropriate Environmental Technologies in Dwellings for the Visually Impaired 
Bryn EVANSMould Growth and Ill-health in Dwellings 
Heleni FOLEROUComparison of the Environmental Performance of Traditional and Contemporary Dwellings in Athens 
Maria LAHANOUDIAppropriate Environmental Design for the Rehabilitation of Historical Sites in Cities (with special reference to Psiri, Athens) 
Malika MOKHBI  
Saud MUHSINOVICReal-time Building Simulation: A comparison of measured and predicted results 
Chung OUThe Influence of Air Conditioning on the Spread of the Common Cold 
Veronica REGINIParticulate Pollution in the London Underground 
Sittah RUSSOSustainable Settlements and the Role of Wind Turbines 
Dina SOELEMANThe Design of Naturally Ventilated Light-weight Office Buildings 
Daniel von SCHEVENIntelligent Building Facades 
Eleni STIKAOccupant Use and Energy Consumption of Atria 
Sofiane TEBBOUNEThe Effect of Mechanical Services design on Energy Consumption in Offices 

1998 MSc Built Environment

Fernando CARRIERIBuilding Materials and Sustainability 
Eleftheria ECONOMAKIArchitecture and Sustainability: A study of the presence of operation and representation in sustainable architecture 
Kemaporn JAYANETRANatural Ventilation in the Thai Shop-House: A study of the effect of building physical parameters on the ventilation of shop-houses in Bangkok 
Ekawat OPHARTPONGSAKORNRenewable Energy Technologies Integrated into High-Rise Office Building 
Zoran ORESCANINThe Role of Thermal Mass in the Thermal Performance of Office Buildings in the UK 
Thomas SKAPERDASRenewable Energy Sources in Greece: The photovoltaic element 
Alka SONI-SCHUMACHERSpace, Form and Energy 

1997 MSc Built Environment

Siriporn CHATRATANAThe Use of Wood in Thai Housing Design 
Rita FREIREEnergy Efficient Dwellings in Portugal: The Design Implications of the Portuguese Thermal Regulations 
Wan-Je JOThe Effects of Micro-environmental Factors on the House Dust Mite 
Olivia KARAGIANNIAn Assessment of the Thermal and Visual Environment in Recently Constructed Schools in Greece 
Effie KARIOTIEnvironmental Issues in the Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki 
Maria KINATOUThe Lightwell as a Means of Natural Ventilation 
Leonidas MAVRIDESApplication of Passive Cooling Techniques during the Refurbishment of Office Buildings in Greece 
Nick SARRISThermal Performance of Traditional Housing in Northern India 
Naama SCHLEISNER“Beit-She’Ar” - The Bedouin Tent: A comparative Assessment of the Strategies and Mechanisms Used to Achieve Thermal Comfort in Tents in the Negev Desert of Israel 
Maria SKOULOUDIContemporary Houses in Crete: Summer indoor thermal environment and the contribution of the roof construction 
Pandelis VAFIADAKISWind Generated Electricity in the Greek Islands 
Michael KELLYA Study of the Domestic Gas Fired Condensing Boiler Market in the UK 
James MURPHYA Study of Particulate Concentrations in an Air Conditioned and Naturally Ventilated Building 
Sandra ORLANDOThe Role of the Veranda in Urban Housing in Buenos Aires 

1996 MSc Built Environment

Casimir IWASZKIEWICZThe Role of Thermal and Fluid Simulation in Building Design 
Ioannis MARKETAKISTowards an Energy Saving Strategy for Housing in Greece 
Stephen PRETLOVEClimate Change and its Effect on the Environmental Design and Assessment of Buildings: An in-depth investigation of temperature and solar radiation in the Thames Valley region of the UK 
Konstantinos TSIKOURISTraditional Excavated and Surface Dwellings in Santorini: Natural ventilation and the role of passive stack chimneys 

1995 MSc Built Environment

Amolak Singh BHOOIGuidelines and Procedures for Non-domestic Energy Efficient Buildings from Inception to Completion of Construction Project 
Vincent BUHAGIARThe Thermal Environment in Secondary Schools in Malta: A generic design proposal 
Luisa Gama CALDASThermal Performance of Electrochromic Glazings in a Naturally Ventilated Office for North and South European Locations 
Michael GLYNNPhotovoltaic Technologies: What is their real efficiency and what future in architecture? 
Samer KARAMUnderfloor Heating for Buildings: A possible Lebanese domestic energy initiative 
Denia KOLOKOTSADesign for Daylighting: Myth or Reality? 
Elissavet KONTOMICHALIEnvironmental Performance and Energy Efficiency of Highly Glazed Houses in UK 
Paul MALLIONThe Role of Local Authorities in Renewable Energy Exploitation 
Machela NKHETHOAEnergy Conscious Housing Design for Middle Income Households in Lesotho 
Kim RANDALLThe Potential for Energy-Efficient Refurbishment of High-Rise Housing 
Randal SUTTLEAssessment of the Embodied Energy in the Stack Ventilation Towers Serving the Auditoria at Queen’s Building, de Montfort University, Leicester, Compared with Material and Mechanical Alternatives During the Life of the Building 

1994 MSc Built Environment

AREBELA BEITVERDADesign for Natural Ventilation of an Office Building in the UK 
Alan BRADSHAWAcoustics of Atrium buildings 
Paola CIMMINOThe Energy Efficient Lighting of Galleries and Museums 
Mark GILLOTTThe Use of SAP Ratings in the Design of Energy Efficient Dwellings 
Martin HAYESThe Role of Thermal Mass in the Design of a Low Energy Dwelling in the UK 
Petros LAPITHISDesign Guidelines for Low Energy Domestic Buildings in Cyprus 
Paul MARTINThe Role of Air Infiltration and Natural Ventilation in Energy Use in the Communal Areas of Shopping Malls 
Derek MEARSThe Social and Energy Effects of Village Scale CHP Systems 
David ROWLEYArchitectural Competition Briefs and the Attitude of Competitors and Judges to Energy Efficient Design 
Ronald WILSONThe Life Cycle Costs of Photovoltaics for Offices in the UK