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Fady Abdelaziz 
Thesis title:  A multi-objective optimization model towards an energy efficient housing stock in new cities in Egypt
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Jala Ahmed
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Seyma Atik
Thesis title: Investigating the effectiveness of implementing LCA-based BIM plugins in early-stage building envelope design
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Mohammed Bakkali
Thesis title: Developing a climate-responsive urbatecture
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Simone Bonavia
Thesis title: Agile Architecture: how the built environment can learn from how it is used
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Esther Borkowski
Thesis title: Building performance simulation of control strategies for adaptive building envelopes
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Miguel Casas Arredondo
Thesis title: Circular economy and office fit-outs – developing a socio-technical descriptive framework of office fit-out processes based on material flows
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José R. Castaños
Thesis title: Distributed HVAC System Integration Through Ontology-based Translators
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Didong Chen
Thesis title: The impact of human exposure to indoor carbon dioxide on cognitive performance
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Elizabeth Cooper
Thesis title: Health costs and benefits of particle filtration that reduces indoor exposure to PM2.5 in residences
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Cheng Cui
Thesis title: Optimisation of Building Low-carbon Strategies Integrating Prediction of Future Overheating
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Eleni Davidson
Thesis title: Towards an integrated, mixed-method approach to evaluate Environmental Quality and its effect on comfort in higher education buildings, considering the implications of a changing climate
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Kaveh Dianati
Thesis title: London’s Housing Crisis: A system dynamics approach with a focus on the role of financial markets
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Kubra Doguc
Thesis title: Investigating life cycle performance of hospital building refurbishment through low carbon measures: An integrated methodological framework
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Jie Dong
Thesis title: Modelling school building stocks in England and Wales to develop integrated school building assessment framework
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Elzavira Felaza Effendi
Thesis title: Inter-organisational learning dynamics in sanitation governance – a case study of Indonesia
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Mercede Erfanian
Thesis title: Soundscape indices: The psychophysiological implications
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Lauren Ferguson
Thesis title: Modelling Childhood Exposure to Indoor Air Pollution Across Socio-economic Groups
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Lorna Flores Villa
Thesis title: Daylight Effect on Sleep Patterns of People over 65 years old
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Luz Frias-Hernandez
Thesis title: Balancing light: daylight characteristics of National Trust showrooms and implications for collections conservation and visitor experience
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Duncan Grassie
Thesis title: An investigation of feedback and feedforward energy efficiency mechanisms from a UK school crowdsourced building stock model
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Longyu Guan
Thesis title: Alternative Daylight metrics
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Amr Hamada
Thesis title: Retrofitting Strategies for Public Administrative Building in Egypt
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Shih-Che Hsu
Thesis title: Spatiotemporal risk assessment of the relationships between outdoor temperature, residential energy use and heat-related cardiovascular mortality: The case study of Great Taipei, Taiwan
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Gizem Izmir Tunahan
Thesis title: The influence of past climatic experiences on human adaptation to new conditions
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Nishesh Jain
Thesis title: Improving the energy model calibration process in the context of performance gap, using energy and environmental data
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Magdalena Kachlicka
Thesis title: Mapping Acoustic and Semantic Dimensions of Auditory Perception
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Anneka Kang
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Jackline Kibe
Thesis title: Semantic data models for built environment applications
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Vasiliki Kourgiozou
Thesis title: Integrated multi-vector smart energy systems at building, campus and neighbourhood scales
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Mithuna Maran
Thesis title: Origami inspired foldable acoustic panel for multipurpose spaces
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Maria Mino Rodriguez
Thesis title: Thermal performance assessment of dwellings in high-altitude zones – Case in the Ecuadorian Andes
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Andrew Mitchell
Thesis title: Multi-level Regression Modelling of Dynamic Urban Soundscapes: Predicting Perceptual Assessments
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Fazlena Mohamad Nor Azli
Thesis title: The development of a robust and improved assessment framework, assessing Building Energy Intensity (BEI) and cost benefit in Malaysia
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Dzhordzhio Naldzhiev
Thesis title: Novel Retrofit Technology Incorporating Robots for Lower Energy Healthy Buildings
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Dolapo Oluteye
Thesis title: Hotel lobbies as workplaces for the modern worker
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Ke-ting Pan
Thesis title: Factors related to CO uptake and elimination in the human body: simulation by multi-compartment model
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Giorgos Petrou
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Athina Petsou
Thesis title: Reducing energy consumption and the unintended consequences of energy efficient intervention in historic buildings: understanding, assessing and addressing thermal discomfort
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Ariel Shepherd
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Chrysoula Thoua
Thesis title: Indoor air quality in Passivhaus primary schools in the UK: A framework for building performance evaluation
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Sofia Tolia
Thesis title: The role of lighting in road traffic collisions
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Huan Tong
Thesis title: Effects of sound environment on health and behaviour from planning perspective
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Karen van Creveld
Thesis title: Measuring real daylight exposure afforded by various architectural environments and the implications for our health and wellbeing
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Seunghyeon Wang
Thesis title: Development of occupancy model using DANN and SIMS4 in office for privacy protection
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Yan Wang
Thesis title: Modelling occupant behaviour for low-carbon human-centric building design
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Yuhong Wang
Thesis title: Community engagement in urban rainwater management in London
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Chunyang Xu
Thesis title: VR-based Soundscape Evaluation
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Tingting Yang
Thesis title: Sound Field in Sequential Space
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Shuo Zhang
Thesis title: Understanding Drivers of Indoor Air Quality Performance in London’s Nurseries
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Chengpeng Zhao
Thesis title: Modelling human evaluations of daylight and electrical lighting with various SPDs
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Ke Zhou
Thesis title: Applications of whole-systems approaches to place-based decision making: leveraging urban housing for population health and sustainable development
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