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MSc FEM Singapore Graduation Ceremony

22 January 2015

MSc FEM Singapore Graduation Ceremony

Dean of the Bartlett, Professor Alan Penn, presided over the graduation in Singapore of 37 students of the MSc in Facility and Environment Management on 19 January. Alexi Marmot, Professor of Facility and Environment Management, and Course Director Dr Ljiljana Marjanovic Halburd were all able to celebrate the students’ achievements. 

Running in Singapore since 2010, the MSc FEM has so far had 89 students there, in addition to several hundred London students since its 1992 inception. UCL was invited to Singapore by the Building and Construction Authority to help educate the top tier of the ‘green collar’ workforce needed to manage a sustainable Singapore. 

In the words of one of the alumni, Lincoln Teo “I stand before you as a proud member of the UCL community. . . I would like to thank the UCL faculty members for their commitment, passion and drive in mentoring us on our learning journey. Our lives have indeed been enriched by you. Thank you!”