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AHMM and IEDE publish their KTP guide,'Delivering net zero carbon: a guide for architects'

10 November 2022

AHMM has launched ‘Delivering net zero carbon: a guide for architects’, a key output from a collaborative Knowledge Transfer Partnership between the practice and UCL Institute for Environmental Design and Engineering.

Net Zero Carbon IMage

The KTP has been a two-year programme researching the opportunities and implications of developing net zero carbon large scale, mixed use, urban, commercially driven and densely occupied buildings. Dr. Simon Hatherley, our KTP Research Associate now employed by AHMM, worked with Professor Mumovic, Dr Esfand Burman, Dr Yair Schwartz and Dr Craig Robertson, Head of Sustainability and Employee Director at AHMM, to develop this research-based guidance. The guidance has been written to define net zero in such a way to help architects rise to the challenge of designing net zero carbon buildings, but it will support anyone interested in reducing carbon emissions in the built environment.

Professor Mumovic, the academic lead on the project stated:

Delivering net zero carbon buildings is an extremely challenging goal for the whole industry. The main research challenges have shifted from "What?" and "Why?" to "How?". Project teams are generally set up with traditional roles and responsibilities which often preclude the kind of iterative thinking and shared responsibility that net-zero carbon buildings require. This guidance will be embedded in our MEng Engineering and Architectural Design which challenges the ‘silo mentality’ approach to building design, whilst promoting awareness of the technical options available to engineers and architects, and their suitability for various building-related applications.

Reducing carbon emissions is a matter of urgency and the guidance aims to improve people’s knowledge, distil thinking, and ultimately change the design process to that end.  Download it here.

About the Collaborations on the project:

AHMM: Allford Hall Monaghan Morris was formed in 1989 by Simon Allford, Jonathan Hall, Paul Monaghan and Peter Morris. The four founding directors had met at The Bartlett School of Architecture, and worked together on their final year diploma project, The Fifth Man. From its beginnings as four founders, the practice has grown to more than 500 employees based in London, Bristol and Oklahoma City. In 2017 the majority shareholding of AHMM Limited transferred to an Employee Ownership Trust.

UKRI Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) is a three-way partnership between: (1) a UK-based business of any size including not-for-profit organisations such as social enterprises and charities, (2) a knowledge base: a university, research and technology organisation or Catapult in the UK, and (c) a suitably qualified graduate or postdoctoral student.