UCL Institute for Environmental Design and Engineering


Spotlight on Dr Huan Tong, Environmental Design and Engineering PhD graduate

17 August 2022

We asked Dr Huan Tong about her experience completing a PhD at UCL Institute for Environmental Design and Engineering, what she learnt and what she's doing now.

Photo of Huan Tong at a lectern

Before enrolling on a PhD at UCL Institute for Environmental Design and Engineering (IEDE), Huan got her Bachelor Degree in Urban Planning at the Harbin Institute of Technology and a Master of Science in Applied Geographical Information Systems at the University of Sheffield.

For her PhD at IEDE Huan focussed on the urban sound environment and public health which is one of the major research themes at the Institute. Huan said about the topic:

Sound environments have significant impacts on human both mentally and physically. Not only are people's lives influenced by ambient sound, but also the whole society. Therefore, it is my wish to build healthy and sustainable cities from sound environment perspective via urban planning and design.”

She enjoyed her experience at IEDE, especially the atmosphere at Central House, where she worked with her academic colleagues:

The environment and atmosphere of research fascinated me here. I can devote my whole heart to my paper writing or discuss with colleagues passionately.”

Since graduating, she has now got a teaching position in a university:

The PhD degree is the threshold to get a university lecture position. And the experience of publishing and teaching in IEDE also helped me get my ideal job.”

When asked what advice she’d give to those considering a PhD at the Institute for Environmental Design and Engineering she said:

Choose a topic that you like and are interested in. In the coming years, you need your interests to lead you through any difficulties. Doing a PhD can be lonely, but you are not alone. Open your mind and communicate with colleagues more - they can give you inspiration and help you. I believe the UCL Institute for Environmental Design and Engineering will provide a wonderful and meaningful PhD experience.”

We’d like to thank Huan for sharing her experience and wish her well in her career.