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IEDE academics contribute to influential CIBSE Technical Memorandum

15 September 2020

Researchers from the UCL Institute for Environmental Design and Engineering and the UCL Energy Institute have contributed to four recently published Technical Memoranda on operational performance in buildings by CIBSE.

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Research from UCL IEDE has formed the basis of the recent publication of four Technical Memoranda by CIBSE (Chartered Institution of Building Servies Engineers).

These technical memoranda aim to deliver detailed information into operational building performance to help bridge the gap between the design of buildings and their operation. These publications aim to provide insight for a range of actors involved in the creation of buildings: services engineers, architects, conractors, client bodies, student, and users how have an influence on the design, construction, and facilities. 

The four memoranda of the series focus on:

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Professor Dejan Mumovic, Director of UCL IEDE and Professor of Building Performance Analysis said:

Academics are driven by sincere desire that our research and hard work will help create a better world, low carbon and healthy buildings not only in design but also in performance. I am pleased that the Institute was the driving force behind the CIBSE TM61-64 Series on Operational Performance of Buildings empowering the industry to look beyond energy performance.

Staff involved in this inflential research include: