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UCL IEDE partnership with DesignBuilder to be awarded £230k from Innovate UK

8 February 2019

IEDE’S Dejan Mumovic and Esfand Burman have been awarded £230k from Innovate UK to work in partnership with DesignBuilder Software Ltd (DBS) to develop design tools for energy efficiency

Energy Efficient Building

DesignBuilder is a provider of modelling tools enabling the design and assessment of a building's energy efficiency and degrees of occupant comfort. The partnership between DesignBuilder and IEDE will undertake a project to assess and implement tools to process and compare building simulation model results (e.g. energy use) with operational reality and create a new proactive 'industry engagement and outreach system' to disseminate these tools, extending DesignBuilder’s market sectors and key products.  As well as Dejan and Esfand, a Knowledge Transfer Project Associate will be appointed with expertise in the project area. 

The project responds to a policy and market driven demand for buildings that are increasingly energy and carbon efficient and aims to draw on academic expertise to fill a knowledge gap within industry.