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Money A+E

This page is a summary of the collaboration between Money A+E and UCL postgraduate students and researchers through the Evaluation Exchange.

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Money A+E provides money advice and education to diverse ethnic communities through one-to-one advice, workshops and courses.

How we worked with the Evaluation Exchange

Together, the team reviewed and updated the organisation’s monitoring and evaluation processes. They focused on what would help Money A+E meet funder requirements in order to best deliver their projects. The collaboration resulted in a revised theory of change, and the identification of a new data collection system for the organisations’ educational data.

Legacy for Money A+E

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The legacy for Money A+E is a revised approach to evaluation that will guide and focus our work. We will communicate our Theory of Change to all staff, volunteers, advisory board, steering committee members and funders; and integrate our Theory of Change into our funding applications, reporting and marketing strategy.


Legacy for the students and researchers

The academics and students working in tandem with Money A+E have gained a, or renewed their, comprehension of the social theories and technological systems wielded by NGOs. This 'real-world' understanding is sure to improve our awareness of where we can generate the most impact in future institutional problem-solving processes as well as in the context of our wider research interests.

Students and researcher involved
  • Katharina Haag (Postdoctoral researcher, Global Health)
  • Men Heng Charlotte Im (Doctoral candidate, Information Studies)
  • Emma Jones(Lecturer in Gender and Education)
  • Hang Lai (Postgraduate student, Sustainable Construction)
  • Lester Lyall (BA student, International Development with NGO Management, University of East London)
Resources from the collaboration

Find out more about the Evaluation Exchange

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