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Bartlett Publics: Pluralising

Bartlett Publics: Pluralising seeks to facilitate cross-learning on the principles and practices of international engagement better able to catalyse universities’ ‘public’ role and societal relevance.


Universities as 'glocal’ actors in the climate emergency

Date TBC

An interactive webinar to reflect on what taking the climate emergency seriously means for the university and its education, research and public engagement functions.


  • Amollo Ambole (Inaugural Program Director at African Mayoral Leadership Initiative)
  • Aromar Revi (Indian Institute for Human Settlements)
  • Priti Parikh (The Bartlett School of Sustainable Construction, University College London)
  • Tristan McCowan (Institute of Education, University College London)

Past events

Practising ethics in international engagement 

24 January 2023

A webinar to discuss and rethink how we engage ethically within academia, with the public and private sectors, activists, NGOs and others, in and through international engagement.

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  • Jane Rendell (The Bartlett School of Architecture)
  • Maha Shuayb (University of Cambridge)
  • Adriana Allen (The Bartlett Development Planning Unit, Habitat International Coalition)
  • Wilbard Kombe (Ardhi University)


Barbara Lipietz (The Bartlett Development Planning Unit, The Bartlett Faculty of the Built Environment, Vice-Dean International)

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Further resources and links

Partnerships in education research: A journey of unequal relations. By Maha Shuayb and Mai Abu Moghli

Practising ethics
Designed and produced by David Roberts, curated and edited by Jane Rendell. 
See especially the Guides to Ethical Research Practice: https://www.practisingethics.org/practices  

The Blind Spot: A Study on the Ethical Dilemmas that Senior Leaders and Experts Face in Collaborations Designed to Address Grand Challenges. By Dr Efrosyni Konstantinou 

The Centre for Lebanese Studies

What role for the university in bringing about just sustainable futures?

23 June 2022

A conversation on the ‘public’ role of the university in a world of intersecting, ‘glocal’ (global/local) crises, with speakers at the interface of theory and activism from diverse and interlinked geographies. The session was held as part of the Annual Development Studies Association conference.

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•    Franciso de Assis Comarú (Federal University of ABC) 
•    Mona Harb (American University of Beirut)
•    Zarina Patel (University of Cape Town)
•    Neha Sami (Indian Institute for Human Settlements (IIHS)


Barbara Lipietz (The Bartlett Development Planning Unit, The Bartlett Faculty of the Built Environment, Vice-Dean International)