UCL Energy Institute


Building Stock Laboratory

The Building Stock Laboratory at UCL Energy Institute works on methods for modelling stocks of buildings and their use of energy in detail, over large areas.

3DStock model of inner London


The Building Stock Laboratory developed the 3DStock method which provides snapshots of the state of building stock, as well as the SimStock model which uses dynamic simulation to make predictions of future performance. 

The geographical focus of the Laboratory is on the UK, with some work in India and Peru. 

In 2020 the Laboratory delivered the London Building Stock Model and the London Solar Opportunity Map to the Greater London Authority. 

Members of the Building Stock Laboratory also advise the UK Governement Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy. 

Scientific applications of the models include studies of density and building height in relation to energy use; the potential for retrofitting the stock; and opportunities for waste heat recovery from underground sources.



Head of the group

Paul Ruyssevelt

Research staff

Philip Steadman
Steve Evans
Pamela Fennell
Daniel Godoy-Shimizu
Dominic Humphrey
Joanna Kuleszo
Rob Liddiard

PhD students

Shyam Amrith
Rayan Azhari