UCL Energy Institute


Multi-scale, multi-dimensional modelling of future energy systems


30 April 2015

This chapter provides a discussion of current multi-scale energy systems expressed by a multitude of data and simulation models, and how these modelling approaches can be (re)designed or combined to improve the representation of such system. It aims to address the knowledge gap in energy system modelling in order to better understand its existing and future challenges. The frontiers between operational algorithms embedded in hardware and modelling control strategies are becoming fuzzier: therefore the paradigm of modelling intelligent urban energy systems for the future has to be constantly evolving. The chapter concludes on the need to build a holistic, multi-dimensional and multi-scale framework in order to address tomorrow's urban energy challenges. Advances in multi-scale methods applied to material science, chemistry, fluid dynamics, and biology have not been transferred to the full extend to power system engineering. New tools are therefore necessary to describe dynamics of coupled energy systems with optimal control.

Multi-scale, multi-dimensional modelling of future energy systems. In Handbook of Research on Social, Economic, and Environmental Sustainability in the Development of Smart Cities. (pp. 113-135).

Spataru, C., Koch, A., Bouffaron, P. (2015)

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