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Energy Systems and Data Analytics MSc

This new programme provides an academically leading and industrially relevant study of energy systems through the lens of data analytics.

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The Energy Systems and Data Analytics MSc (ESDA MSc) is the first programme of its kind in the UK, combining the study of Energy Systems with Data Science. As an ESDA student, you will gain a multi-sector multi-vector understanding of Energy Systems, while developing advanced statistical and machine learning skills and getting practical experience of data analysis.

The programme is aimed at students with a quantitative background who have an interest in energy and are motivated by the use of data science to solve sustainability problems. You will gain skills sought after by industry allowing you to become a leader and innovator in the energy sector, from established large scale utilities and data science companies to innovative new start-ups.

This advanced degree programme is designed to provide a broad understanding of energy systems, statistics, programming, energy use in the built environment, energy use in the transport sector and the role of data and advanced analytics in solving relevant sustainability problems.

All modules are taught by a world-class faculty with a breadth of academic and industrial knowledge, who combined represent the cutting edge of energy systems analysis.

Why choose the Bartlett?

We offer:

Expertise from the UCL Energy Institute, including:

  • Leading centres for research into energy systems
  • Energy in transport; shipping, aviation and urban transport
  • Energy use in the built environment, from individual buildings to cities
  • Advanced analytics and machine learning applied to energy data
  • Green economy and innovation
  • Energy efficiency

The opportunity to gain in-depth practical expertise in several specific areas of analysis related to the above topics.

In-depth relationships with UK government agencies, regulators and advisory bodies. Close connections to industry – utilities, consultancies, start-ups and other businesses, as well as wider links to non-governmental organisations and think tanks.

About the programme

As an Energy Systems and Data Analytics MSc (ESDA MSc) student, you will gain a firm grounding across all areas that are vital to the understanding of energy systems and the analysis of energy data.

Read the programme's content page for information about compulsory and optional modules.

Studying in an interdisciplinary, collaborative learning environment, you will learn, at both an introductory and advanced level, about:

  • Statistics and programming for analysis of energy data
  • Multi-vector, multi-sector understanding of energy systems
  • Issues and challenges of global energy use, including climate change
  • Fields of energy system and econometric modelling
  • Energy use in transport; shipping, aviation and urban transport
  • Energy use in the built environment from building to cities
  • The role of data in addressing problems of sustainability

Applications for the ESDA MSc are now open - please visit the programme overview page for detail on how to apply.

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