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The Institute has an ever-growing global community of alumni who have gone on to obtain competeitve positions in both academia and industry.

Our alumni include a large number of senior figures in the industry as well as founders of well-known firms. We regularly welcome back many of these high achievers to alumni events and as guest lecturers.

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I have found that my studies at UCL have been tremendously beneficial. 

Since graduation, I have been working in my home country of Iceland as an energy and environmental consultant. My clients have been power companies, the Icelandic TSO, aluminium smelters and other smaller users and producers of electricity. I have advised on investment in wind-farms, done efficiency analyses of distribution firms, submarine interconnectors, and helped to develop sustainability indicators.  Most recently, I have been involved in transmission system planning for 2017-2018. I am currently assisting data centre investors, by developing business plans and analysing scaling and cooling methods.

Jón Skafti Gestsson, Iceland - MSc Economics and Policy of Energy and the Environment (EPEE) Alumni, UCL

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