UCL Energy Institute


First UCL symposium on energy, people and society

24 June 2014

Social Sciences Group

More than 50 researchers from across UCL working on energy in a social context came together for the first time on Thursday 29 May for the UCL-Energy Social Sciences Group’s event “Energy, People and Society: a multidisciplinary UCL symposium”.

Staff and students from 14 different UCL departments gave talks on subjects ranging from people’s perceptions of the eco-retrofitting of heritage buildings to the social contract in provision of district heating services.

Speakers also used the opportunity to call for evolving our approach to research in this area, such as through increased use of robust experimental designs (such as randomized controlled trials) and improved recognition of social diversity through greater collaboration between subject areas such as energy and gerontology.

Sacha Brostoff, a research associate in the UCL Interaction Centre who attended the symposium, said: “It was really interesting, and immediately put me in touch with two useful people … One of the difficult things I’ve experienced is keeping in touch with what’s going on – events like [this] are so helpful.”

In his introduction, Professor Alan Penn, Dean of the Bartlett Faculty of the Built Environment, emphasized the value of the multidisciplinary and applied nature of the research undertaken by members of the UCL-Energy Social Sciences Group. To find out more about the Group, and to join, please visit http://www.bartlett.ucl.ac.uk/energy/research/ucl-energy-social-sciences-group.

This event was kindly sponsored by UCL Energy Institute.


Adam Cooper
Anna Gryaznova
Brian Garcia
Charlotte Johnson
Felicity Davies
Fouseki and Vomvyla
Jane Dickson
Nando Lewis
Niamh Murtagh
Russel Hitchings
Satu Teerikangas
Vanesa Castan Broto