UCL Energy Institute


Non-Domestic Building Survey will unlock data to understand energy consumption

30 September 2021

The Non-Domestic Building Survey (NDBS) will provide a unique evidence base to understand non-domestic buildings and their energy consumption.

Non-Domestic Building Survey visualisation of map layers

This project, fully funded by BEIS, will bring together existing and new data to develop a comprehensive and uniquely structured model in which every non-domestic building is represented in detail: its energy use and energy efficiency, its geometry and materials, the activities of the occupants, and even the potential for renewable generation. 

The NDBS project is led by Prof Paul Ruyssevelt and involves UCL Energy Institute researchers from the Building Stock Laboratory: Philip Steadman, Steve Evans, Gareth Simons, Rayan Azhari, Rob Liddiard and Pamela Fennell. 

For the first time, the NDBS will integrate real data at a building-by-building level to create a complete characterisation of the non-domestic building stock in England and Wales. The matching methods developed by the team at UCL Energy Institute’s Building Stock Lab will be used to unlock the wealth of data currently held separately by a range of government departments and agencies, integrating this to deliver unique insights into the non-domestic building stock for policy development.  

The project will integrate property tax, Energy Performance Certificate, geo-spatial, business and utilities data with other specialist data sets.  The model will be validated and enhanced by remote and on-site surveys undertaken by Winning Moves and Verco.