UCL Energy Institute


Dr Gesche Huebner and Dr Mike Fell publish guide on improving energy research practices

6 February 2020

The working paper is a practical guide to using tools and approaches that are increasingly viewed as important components of good research practice.

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Energy use is key to global challenges such as climate change, while also playing an important role in the day-to-day lives of people and communities. But how sure can we be that the research done in these areas is providing reliable findings?

UCL Energy Institute researchers Dr Gesche Huebner and Dr Mike Fell have published a working paper as a resource to support research and teaching around research transparency and rigour.

The paper, TReQ Tools: How to Improve Transparency, Reproducibility and Quality in Energy Research follows UCL’s recent statement on transparency in research and aligns with UCL’s commitment to promoting transparency and rigour in research.

The paper outlines the benefits of tools and approaches such as reporting guidelines, preregistration, preprints, open code/data, and systematic evidence review, and considers why these approaches may not have been widely employed in research in the fields of energy and the built environment.

The TReQ toolkit is a work in progress - if you have ideas for how it could be expanded and improved and would like to come on board as a contributor, please get in touch with either of the co-authors: g.huebner@ucl.ac.uk or michael.fell@ucl.ac.uk.