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5 October 2016

Welcome to the start of the 2016/17 academic year and an especially warm welcome to both our returning and new students.


This September we have 10 students starting the UCL-EnergyMRes in Energy Demand Studies and over 80 new students to the MSc in Economics and Policy of Energy and the Environment

Since our last newsletter in June there have been a number of landmark events, both for UCL-Energy and on the world stage. In June the UK voted to exit the EU in a historic referendum. The effects of this vote may take years to play out, but there is little doubt that there will be an effect on our energy, environment and climate future. 

There have been a number of UCL events regarding the consequences of the referendum, including a panel discussion hosted by UCL-Energy and The Edge.  UCL-Energy also recently hosted a workshop focusing on energy and climate collaboration in Europe and ways forward to conclude the fifth cycle of the UCL – French Embassy events. The workshop examined the intersection of national energy strategies in Northwestern Europe with cooperation across borders, with a particular focus on carbon pricing and sectoral strategies.

The workshop was attended by more than 30 participants consisting of UK, French and other European researchers, industry and development partners. The workshop was a great success, providing a platform for discussion and collaboration on crucial topics as well as creating the potential for voluntary international collaborations as a driving mechanism for change.  

UCL-Energy has also recently published our 2015/2016 annual review. The review is a great showcase of the work done at UCL-Energy over the past academic year. In addition to featuring key research and publications from staff and students this review offers a look back at the UCL-Energy seminar series and the institute's involvement in historic events such as COP21. The review also contains UCL-Energy's media appearances and a spotlight on the past academic year's postgraduate studies. 

While our annual review is looking back on our accomplishments, a number of exciting initiatives are just getting started. In August the UCL Energy and Development Group was launched as a UCL interdepartmental initiative. The group is working together to build both a community of practice and to access research funds. The team is already working on a research paper and has established a wide view of the relevant capability and capacity across UCL. If you would like to be involved, please contact the group organizer Dr Long-Seng To.  

We are anticipating a great academic year at UCL-Energy. We already have the first of our 2016/17 seminars scheduled for 4 October which will focus on national and global energy security with the rest of the series schedule and plans for interdepartmental collaborative to be released soon.

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Best wishes,

Bob Lowe
UCL-Energy Director