UCL Energy Institute


Dr Tristan Smith selected to be on Carbon War Room's Shipping Efficiency Advisory Board

26 February 2016

Dr Tristan Smith joins a team of eminent industry figures to guide Carbon War Room’s strategy on continuing to reduce carbon emissions profitably in shipping.


UCL Energy Institute and Carbon War Room have a long standing relationship in shipping. Dr Tristan Smith and his team have worked with Carbon War Room on several projects including the Self Financing Fuel Saving Mechanism, where UCL Energy Institute helped to devise the methodology for measuring fuel savings in a robust manner, and also in the Shipping Innovation Fast Tracker project that supports technology firms through to implementation with the objective of accelerating mass uptake of measures that deliver significant energy and emission reductions for the shipping industry. 

Dr Tristan Smith is a Reader in Energy and Shipping at UCL-Energy and leads the UCL-Energy Shipping Group. Dr Tristan Smith will continue to support and collaborate with the Carbon War Room through UMAS, the sectors largest university based consultancy on energy and environment matters related to shipping. This will ensure that the work is underpinned by state of the art data supported by rigorous models and research practices.

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