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UCL Energy Institute welcomes the appointment of new Minister for Shipping and Ports

20 May 2015

UCL Energy Institute welcomes the appointment of the new Minister for Shipping and Ports, Robert Goodwill MP.


Tristan Smith, Lecturer in Energy and Transport at UCL-Energy said:

'2015/16 are years that require strong leadership on the subject of shipping. Not least will there need to be consideration of how to handle international shipping and aviation’s inclusion on the UK’s carbon targets and budget (a decision was postponed from the last government to 2016).

However, its also a year that will see important EU and international policy developments for shipping. Following last week’s rejection at IMO of the discussion of a Goal/Target for International Shipping’s CO2 emissions, there’s now a more need than ever for leadership in the Bonn and Paris UNFCCC negotiations to ensure that IMO is given a clear message and a firm mandate to contribute a ‘fair’ share of CO2 emission reduction consistent with any agreement of a global target.

Failure at UNFCCC and IMO to make progress to consider shipping’s forecast for rising CO2 emissions (expectations of an increase by 50-250% by 2050 are forecast in the Third IMO GHG Study undertaken by a consortium lead by UCL Energy Institute) is only likely to result in further EU unilateral action, building on the MRV regulation that the EU Parliament passed into law in May.

The minister joins the debate at a point where a calm hand on the tiller to help the sector navigate these stormy waters . This will be crucial for the UK if it wants to retain its credibility on climate change, and safeguard a sector and enabler of world trade that is not only fundamental to our existence as an island nation, but also a significant contributor to our economy.' 

UCL will be hosting a panel session discussing the big questions facing the new government on May 27. Register your place