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Director's introduction to the winter 2015 newsletter

30 January 2015

This year has been both hectic and highly successful for the UCL-Energy Institute.


The big news on research is the success of UCL as a whole and The Bartlett (the Faculty of which we are a part) in the 2014 REF (Research Excellence Framework). UCL can claim the first place in the rankings, ahead of Oxford, Cambridge and Imperial College, based on research strength (a combination of average score and number of staff submitted).  This is a result that the College has been striving for since its foundation in 1827. On a wide range of metrics, the Bartlett can claim first place in its unit of assessment. These are fantastic results, to which the UCL-Energy Institute has made a strong contribution. 

We are already looking forward to REF 2020. We expect UCL-Energy Institute staff to have produced over 63 publications in 2014. And 2015 already promises to be a good year for publications. This year has also seen a major reorganisation of the Bartlett itself. The UCL -Energy Institute and its sister Institute for Sustainable Resources, have been joined by two new institutes, UCL Institute for Environmental Design & Engineering and the UCL Institute for Sustainable Heritage. Together these form the new Bartlett School of Environment, Energy and Resources, which is headed up by Prof Tadj Oreszczyn. The take home points are:

  • that UCL-Energy continues to be the focal point for energy-related work across UCL, and the UK’s strongest centre for research in energy demand and energy systems
  • that the formation of the School will promote and support even stronger collaboration between the UCL -Energy Institute, and our sister institute, in particular ISR and IEDE, around energy, resources and buildings issues

Bob Lowe,
Director  UCL Energy Institute 

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