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UCL-Energy researcher successful in feasibility study with Ukraine supported by the British Council

27 March 2014

Energy storage

Dr Catalina Spataru has been successful in a feasibility study with the Ukraine supported by the British Council, between UCL Energy Institute and the Department of Physics and Energy, Kharkiv National University in Ukraine. The project focus on building collaboration between the two institutions and discuss the future and transparency of energy system in Ukraine and its role in Europe, challenges of combining various energy resources and the impact on the future energy networks, and discuss energy future with different stakeholders including government authorities. A workshop will take place at UCL to discuss potential changes in the future energy landscape in Europe with focus on Ukraine-Russia-EU.

Two workshops will be arranged, with one in the Ukraine to discuss energy demand and supply – potential improvements at national level for Ukraine, and another workshop in London, with international focus on Ukraine-Russia-EU future energy landscape. Following this a report will be written and a film will be made.