UCL Energy Institute


Global Marine Fuel Trends 2030

13 March 2014


UCL-Energy and Lloyd's Register have released 'Global Marine Fuel Trends 2030' which explores the drivers for the future energy mix in shipping in 2030. The report provides insight into future fuel demand for the containership, bulk carrier/general cargo and tanker sectors - representing approximately 70% of the global shipping industry’s fuel demands.  

Global Marine Fuel Trends 2030 central objective is to unravel the landscape of fuels used by commercial shipping over the next 16 years. The problem has many dimensions: a fuel needs to
be available, cost-effective, compatible with existing and future technology and compliant with current and future environmental requirements. In a way, one cannot evaluate the future of marine fuels without evaluating the future of the marine industry. And the future of the marine industry itself is irrevocably linked with the global economic, social and political landscape to 2030.

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