UCL Energy Institute


An analysis of Display Energy Certificates for public buildings 2008 to 2012

11 February 2014


This report by Sung-Min Hong and Philip Steadman presents an analysis of Display Energy Certificates (DECs) for public buildings, lodged between 2008 and mid-2012. The work was carried out for the Benchmarks Committee of the Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers (CIBSE).

The analysis covers 73,160 DECs for 31,802 buildings. Comparisons are made against the CIBSE TM46 energy benchmarks on which the DECs scheme rests. Statistics for DECs deposited since March 2010 are compared with the findings of an earlier report to CIBSE by Bruhns, Jones and Cohen (2011) on DECs deposited before that date. A longitudinal analysis is made of the performance of all buildings for which DECs were lodged in the three successive years 2009, 2010 and 2011. Rates of compliance with the scheme are estimated. The system of classification of building types used by TM46 is discussed.

Sung-Min Hong gratefully acknowledges the financial support from CIBSE for his current doctoral studies at the UCL Energy Institute, which made it possible for him to work on this report. The authors can be contacted on s.hong@ucl.ac.uk and j.p.steadman@ucl.ac.uk.