UCL Energy Institute


UCL-Energy researcher wins Sustainable Resources for Sustainable Cities Catalyst Grant

20 February 2013


Dr. Catalina Spataru, Senior Researcher at the UCL Energy Institute, has won one of the Sustainable Resources for Sustainable Cities Catalyst Grants with a project called 'Common Road to 2050: Energy Networks and Policy design (ENP2050)'.

The main aim of the project is to initiate academic cooperation within UCL by the means of workshops to identify key policy options to produce an energy network which meets the multi-dimensional requirements (economic, societal, environmental, legal and security of supply) by 2050. The project will analyse the main barriers (political, integration and public acceptance) to plan and implement a long-term strategy for use of different resources so that to achieve environmental commitments, as well as energy security for Europe.

Additional collaborators on the project are: Dr. Michael Emes (UCL Centre for systems engineering), Paul Drummond (UCL Institute for Sustainable Resources), Dr. Martin Austwick (Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis).