UCL Energy Institute


Centenary Quay project

3 April 2012


The Centenary Quay project aims to measure the energy performance of new environmentally friendly dwellings.  This study is being organised and funded by the Technology Strategy Board and it is a partnership study between Crest Nicholson and University College London.

The Centenary Quay new development will be subjected to a detailed and intensive assessment of their environmental impact (Building Performance Evaluation) that will help to deliver more energy efficient, better performing buildings.

By measuring space heating, electricity, and hot water use, and temperatures in the houses, UCL will be able to assess how the real performance of the occupied houses compares to the design targets. Operational data from the site's energy supplier will enable us to determine the overall performance of the combined heat and power and district heating systems. 

This information will help the developers, constructors and designers to understand how to build future environmentally friendly dwellings that are comfortable for the occupants at the same time as being less polluting. Similarly, gathered information will help occupants to understand how their home performs and how to use it to optimise levels of comfort whilst reducing energy use.