UCL Energy Institute


UCL-Energy contributes to Carbon Trust's Micro-CHP Accelerator Report

21 March 2011

The Carbon Trust has recently released the Micro-CHP Accelerator Report. Several members of the UCL Energy Institute, Prof. Bob Lowe, Dr. Alex Summerfield, Ian Hamilton, and Anna Mavrogianni were involved in the analysis and in particular the development of the Market Potential section for domestic and non-domestic micro-CHP.

The report notes that an approximate estimate of the overall carbon saving potential of micro-CHP in the domestic market is around 4 million tonnes, if the savings in the field trial were realised and if installed in all suitable households in the UK.  Annual sales in suitable houses could be around 170,000.

It also notes that small commercial micro-CHP systems installed as the lead boiler in a plant room could typically achieve a 16% overall carbon saving versus condensing boilers alone.  For example, applying this figure to the nursing and care home sectors, the potential carbon saving is estimated to be greater than 100,000tCO2/year in around 20,000-25,000 buildings.

Click here to download the Carbon Trust's Micro-CHP Accelerator Report.