UCL Energy Institute

Mr Simon Elam

Mr Simon Elam

Principal Research Associate

Bartlett School Env, Energy & Resources

Faculty of the Built Environment

Joined UCL
17th Jun 2013

Research summary

The initial focus of Simon's research at UCL Energy Institute was investigating methods to improve the evidence base in end-use energy demand. This included establishing best practices in research data management, issues involved with linking and integrating large datasets, barriers and incentives to data sharing, and issues related to data provenance.

More recently, his focus has been on projects using smart meter data for research purposes:

Vulnerable Customers and Energy Efficiency (VCEE/energywise)

This LCNF Tier II multi-partner project aims to enhance insights into the needs of fuel poor customers and explore the means to encourage their increased participation in energy efficiency and demand side response in relation to smart metering solutions. Simon had primary responsibility for UCL’s data management and quantitative analysis, investigating the energy saving and energy shifting response of fuel poor customers to smart meters (IHDs) and time-of-use tariffs.

Smart Meter Research Portal (SMRP)

The Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) have provided funding for a 5-year project to develop a Smart Meter Research Portal to provide vital access to energy data for the UK research community. The vision for SMRP is to deliver a world leading multi-disciplinary research programme, facilitated by a smart meter data portal. The portal will transform GB energy research through the long-term provision of high quality, high-resolution energy data that will support the development of a reliable evidence base for intervention, observational and longitudinal studies across the socio-technical spectrum.

Teaching summary

Research Data Management lectures on MRes Research Concepts and MSc EPEE courses.


University of New South Wales
MSc, Environmental Management | 2008
University of Lancaster
BA Hons, English and History | 1994


Simon is a Principal Research Fellow at UCL Energy Institute and SMRP Director, and works across several research projects with a particular focus on improving the evidence base in the end-use energy demand sector. 

He retains a keen interest in the socio-technical factors influencing energy consumption in domestic buildings and he is the director of an EPSRC funded (£6m), multi-partner collaboration to develop a Smart Meter Research Portal (SMRP) for the UK’s academic research sector.


Simon is a dedicated and highly capable data scientist with, prior to academia, a 10+ year career in Business Intelligence and Information Management (often in a consulting capacity) that has provided a great deal of successful experience managing the complex process that transforms data into insight.