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Raising the status of ‘the first fuel’ in disruptive transformation of our energy future

5:30 pm to 8:00 pm, 03 July 2018

July Energy Seminar

UCL Energy Seminar from Alan Pears, Senior Industry Fellow at RMIT University.

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UCL Energy Institute


225, University College London Central House 14 Upper Woburn Place

Raising the status of ‘the first fuel’, energy efficiency, in disruptive transformation of our energy future through ‘energy productivity’, ‘systems and services thinking’ and digitalisation

In Australia, conflict over climate and energy policy has led to multiple policy failures and chaos. Electricity and gas prices have soared, while renewable energy has dominated debate while rapidly growing. Only in the past 2 years has Demand Response emerged as an option, while energy efficiency is rarely even mentioned.

The International Energy Agency has recognized through its term ‘the first fuel’, and its work on energy efficiency’s multiple benefits. Yet national energy efficiency policy in Australia has stagnated. States, businesses, communities and some NGOs have been reframing our perspective on energy, with some success. The talk will explore some of this work and its future potential, such as:

  • ‘Energy Productivity’ – defined as improving economic output per unit of primary energy input this approach emphasizes ‘business benefit’ and opportunity’ rather than energy savings
  • ‘Value chains’ and ‘systems and services’ thinking – capturing greater benefits by leveraging the interplay between system elements
  • Integrating energy efficiency energy markets and policy, and gaining access to finance using approaches involving advanced data analytics, new metrics, community action, and action by state and local governments
  • Energy retailer obligation schemes