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The ‘Total Performance’ of Low Carbon Buildings in China and the UK

This project, co-investigated by Professor Tim Broyd is a collaboration between UCL and the Tsinghua University School of Architecture, Beijing. It seeks to balance the needs of low carbon and indoor environmental quality (IEQ) in the UK and China to inform policy making.

There are four broad stages to the research:

  • examining the different contexts within which buildings have been designed and constructed and how they are used and operated internationally.
  • building on this analysis by undertaking a monitoring campaign in China and the UK to allow comparisons between the performance of the same types of building in two different contexts.
  • developing a unique database relating to the interlinked performance gaps which will help identify the most suitable buildings that will integrate monitoring and modelling approaches in the next phase.
  • developing semi-automated building assessment methods, technologies and tools to enable rapid characterisation of the probable pathologies to determine the most cost effective route to remedy the underlying causes of energy/IEQ underperformance.

The study intends to lead understanding and improvements in the total performance of low carbon buildings helping to develop effective policies and regulations in the transition to low carbon cities.