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MSc Digital Innovation in Built Asset Management

The Masters in Digital Innovation in Built Asset Management offers a unique educational programme for professionals looking to use cutting-edge techniques in the management of built assets.

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Our focus is wide, but targeted, and touches on every aspect of building better places and spaces, from design and construction through to operation and maintenance.

The course is deeply engrained in the industry in which it operates, but is also research-led – which means our students gain a robust understanding not only of the best ways to work now, but also of how we can work in the future.

Programme structure

The core modules will focus on the following:

  • Principles of Building Information Modelling
  • Space and Workplace Management
  • Service Operations Management
  • Principles of Facilities Management
  • Digital Innovation: Collaborative Practice
  • Spatial Databases and Data Management
  • Management Concepts for Facilities
  • Strategic Project & Quality Management
  • Dissertation

The digital realm offers solutions to some of society’s biggest problems – but there is often a knowledge gap that prevents its power from being harnessed. By working together, drawing on digital advances such as BIM, smart cities, big data and the internet of things, we can close that gap – and help shape a better world.

The Master of Science Digital Innovation in Built Asset Management forms part of this response – helping industry professionals and organisations to understand and implement cutting-edge ideas and techniques.

More information

To find out more about this programme, please email Course Director Professor Michael Pitt.

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