The Bartlett Development Planning Unit



A selection of Development Planning PhD theses from 2009 to 2012

Alaily-Mattar, N. (2010) Segregation for aggregation? The pattern and logic of spatial segregation practices of young affluent heads of households in the post-war city of Beirut. 

Aragón-Durand, F.d.J. (2009) Unpacking the social construction of 'natural' disaster through policy discourses and institutional responses in Mexico: the case of Chalco Valley's floods, State of Mexico. 

Auramaa, P.I. (2010) The production of infrastructure in partnership with communities: does participation make owners?

Dan-Azumi, J.J. (2011) Agricultural sustainability of smallholder floodplain agricultural systems: a case study of Fadama areas in North-Central Nigeria.

Haddad, F.de-M. (2010) Space and society: the contradictory roles of public parks in São Paulo.

López Morales, E.J. (2009) Urban entrepreneurialism and creative destruction: a case-study of the urban renewal strategy in the peri-centre of Santiago de Chile, 1990-2005.

Manoochehri, J. (2010) Social policy and housing: reflections of social values.

Tovivich, S. (2011) Architecture for the urban poor, the 'new professionalism' of 'community architects' and the implications for architectural education: reflections on practice from Thailand. 

Veríssimo, C.F. (2012) Visioning the Agrocity: the significance of outdoor domestic space to an ecodevelopment model of medium size cities, the case study of Dondo, Mozambique

Walls, M.J. (2011) State formation in Somaliland: bringing deliberation to institutionalism.

Zeng, H.Y. (2010) The impact of fiscal decentralization and market transition on local public finance in China: fiscal inadequacy and unmet social security needs.