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Mobility in Medellín: Urban Transformation through Imagination Collaboration &Strategic Intervention

Metrocable Medellin

3 March 2013

Focus on
Going up in Medellín: What Can We Learn from the City’s Aerial Cable-car Lines?
By Julio D. Dávila

Head on

  • Reading the Cracks: Post-Field Trip Reflections Concerning Urban Transformation in Bangkok
  • DPU summerLab Returns to Roma and Zurich
  • Dialogues in Development


  • DPU's Urban Transformation Cluster
  • The Heuristics of Mapping Urban Environmental Change: Global Dialogues
  • Future Proofing Cities: Risks and Responses to Inclusive Urban Growth in Developing Countries
  • Whose Olympics?
  • Community Participation in London and Johannesburg
  • Learning from Beirut
  • Quality of Life Indicators as a City Planning Tool

PHD Programme

  • Brazilian Housing Governance and Municipal Policy [Trans]formation[s]: Between Continuity and Change, the Experience of Rio de Janeiro.
  • Other PhD News
  • DPU PhD Thesis Awarded First Prize in Latin America

Hands on

  • From Water Poverty to Water Justice in Bogotá, Colombia


  • News from former DPU students and friends 

Networks and Meetings

  • DPU at World Urban Forum 2012, Naples
  • DPU at Cities Methodologies 2012
  • International Conference on Urban Change in Iran
  • Meta-narratives of Philippine Urbanism
  • DPU at the ASAUK
  • (Re)constructing the City
  • 6th World Water Forum
  • DPU Staff Networking, Talks and Appointments

Staff News

  • Caren Levy’s Legacy as DPU Director
  • New appointments
  • Ronaldo Ramirez Receives Prestigious Award from Universidad de Chile

Colin Rosser, Former DPU Director
By Nigel Harris

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