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Guidelines for Strategic Environmental Planning and Management of the Peri-Urban Interface

4 November 2011

These guidelines comprise three short volumes, a flyer, and a poster. They seek to provide a basic understanding of the processes involved in the environmental planning and management of the PUI, as well as a clear appreciation of the principles and components required within these processes.

The guidelines present a range of 'ingredients' aimed at improving the practice of planning and management in a range of localities.

Robert Brook
Julio Davila
Adriana Allen
Michael Mattingly
Julio D Davila
Patrick McAlpine
Mona Chhabra
Jessica Budds
Alicia Minaya
Enrico Corubolo
Nilvo Alves da Silva

Publication Date: 2000

ISBN:1 874502 15 3

Volume 1: ISBN 1-874502-05-6 


('Understanding change in the peri-urban interface') presents a contextual analysis of the PUI, the processes of change arising from the interaction of rural and urban areas and the problems and opportunities arising form this interaction.

Volume 2: ISBN 1-874502-10-2 

('Developing an environmental planning and management process for the peri-urban interface: Guiding and Working principles') presents the key guiding principles to lead the environmental planning and management process of the PUI as well as the working principles and components that must be applied to benefit the poor and enhance the sustainability of the natural resource base.

Volume 3: ISBN 1-874502-15-3  

('Environmental planning and management initiatives for theperi-urban interface: Learning from experience') illustrates the above with an overview of initiatives undertaken in a range of countries.

The four-page Flyer 

('Living between urban and rural areas: Shaping change for improved livelihoods and a better environment') presents an overview of the problems found in the PUI, but also of the opportunities that arise out of the meeting of urban and rural activities.