The Bartlett Development Planning Unit


DPU Working Paper - No. 77

NGOs As Mediators


23 July 1996

Authors: Maia, M.

Publication Date: 1996

A shift in the focus of the concept of development from one whose exclusive aim was to reach economic growth to another which is `peoplecentred' is currently being advocated by a wide range of development actors. While peoplecentred development has been a preoccupation of many community activists and development practitioners, it is only recently that this approach has become part of international development agenda. Similarly, in some context, urban development planning is being recognized and pursued as a more interactive relationship between planners and the planned for, rather than exclusively as a government activity.

Accordingly, new models for the state, the market and nongovernmental sectors are being demanded. In fact, the rapid expansion of partnerships and coalitions between public, private and nongovernmental sectors in development planning is required if a better city governance is to be achieved. This move has confronted planners with a set of issues, models and expertise necessary for planning work different from that of preceding decades. 

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