The Bartlett Development Planning Unit


DPU Working Paper - No. 64

Urban Land Development In Nepal: A Case For Management Approach


25 July 1994

Authors: Michael Mattingly

Publication Date: 1994

Urban management attempts to bring a new perspective from which to tackle urban problems. One characteristic of this approach is that more recognition is given to the potentials of nongovernmental actors. (Davey, 1993, UNCHS, 1993, van der Hoff and Steinberg, 1993, Mattingly, 1994) It has been common for the capabilities of the private and community sectors to be overlooked. Some governments have consistently sought to be the major producers of land for urban development, while failing to distinguish that their basic purpose was to see that the needed land was created. An urban management approach - with its ethos of responsibility implemented through any available suitable agent - asks such governments if their objectives can sometimes be met more effectively through strategies which guide or help non-governmental efforts to pursue governmental purposes.

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