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SDP UK practice engagement

Up to the 2018-19 academic year, students of the SDP programme engaged in a UK practice engagement.

This exercise aimed to actively engage local communities in policy and planning processes to ensure more equitable and transformative development outcomes.

The exercise was premised on the action learning approach. Engaging with real challenges in selected London-based communities, the exercise:

  • adopted a collaborative, dialogic process;
  • exemplified and consolidated theoretical concepts;
  • was concerned with how developmental processes relate and respond to the needs, interests and aspirations of diverse and marginalised social groups.

The exercise was designed around a micro level focus, recognising diversity and individual rights and freedoms. It also aimed to build people’s capacity to engage in a process of meaningful change in collaboration with a range of actors. As a space of analysis, it examines the organisational and institutional processes which assist in the identification of entry points for the type of development outcomes that the selected community value and aspire to.

2019 University-led community partnerships and social justice: Exploring potentials in UCL Bloomsbury and Stratford

Situated within the university in which we work (UCL), this report aims to contribute to the discussion on the role of universities in partnering with community organisations in the advancement towards socially just cities. In partnership with the Public Engagement Unit of UCL Culture, the research explores four different ‘practices’ of university-community partnerships which are evidenced within UCL –  Skills Sharing and Co-Production, Engaged Teaching and Scholarship, Volunteering and UCL EAST Neighbourhood Engagement.

Rather than telling one consolidated story, presented within are four chapters, each offering different reflections on the nature of community-university partnerships to reveal critical lessons and offer clear guidance on how the barriers and opportunities for the different partnerships work towards supporting socially just ambitions.

2018 Our homes, our schools: How housing affects young people's learning capabilities

sdp report 2018
Building on last year's action-research, this project emerges from the partnership with Citizens UK and the collaboration with three London schools (the Willow Primary, St. Ignatius Primary and City and Islington College) to deepen the reflections around housing and education. This reports unfolds an analysis of how London's worsening housing crisis is shaping the educational capabilities and aspirations of young pupils, but also how in turn they are tacking action to own their stories and call for reform.

2017 Housing and Learning: Views from young Citizens in London, UK         

London report 2017
Based on the join partnership between students of the MSc Social Development Practice, staff, Citizens UK, students from Middlesex University and teachers and students from 10 London Schools, this action-learning project investigates the impacts of London’s housing crisis on educational learning of pupils, drawing lessons for all stakeholders involved.

2016 Campaigning through Images: Exploring Housing Rights in North London

2016 SDP report
As part of the ongoing collaboration with Citizens UK, in 2015-16, the MSc Social Development Practice has partnered with PhotoVoice to use participatory photography as a complementary means for understanding the housing experiences of distinct groups of residents in North London. With a view to appreciating the power relations at play that determine unaffordability and insecurity of housing and therefore inhibited ability to access full citizenship rights, the report was produced in the context of Citizens UK’s housing campaign targeting the 2016 mayoral election.

2015 Reclaiming Regeneration: Negotiating a Citizens Charter for Euston Area

SDP 2015 London report cover
Emerging out of the collaboration between MSc students and Camden Citizens with residents of the Euston area, centrally located and increasingly attractive for redevelopment purposes, this project represents a participatory undertaking for residents to re-define what regeneration means to and for them.

2014 Regeneration Aspirations for Euston: Local Perspectives on the High Speed Two Rail Link

SDP report Euston
This report is a result of a three-month research project carried out by Masters students of the Social Development Practice (SDP). The central focus of this report is the regeneration aspirations of local residents, workers and business owners in the Somers Town and Regents Park wards of Camden, within the context of the proposed construction of the £50 billion high-speed two (HS2) rail link.

2013 Regeneration and Well-Being in East-London: Stories from Carpenters Estate

SDP report

This research project examines the effects of the regeneration process affecting the Carpenters Estate in Newham Borough, as a consequence of UCL’s decision to expand with a second Stratford Campus in East London. MSc Social Development Practice’s students, in collaboration with residents and other independent actors, looked at key dimensions of residents’ wellbeing, providing critical insights on resulting social changes taking place within the estate.
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2012 The Newham Experience

As part of the research study commissioned by the Overview and Scrutiny of Newham Borough Council, students of the MSc Social Development Practice at The Bartlett Development Planning Unit have explored hurdles and constraints faced by high school pupils to get to and from school when using the local bus network. The study, by employing qualitative analysis, aimed to explore those social aspects of mobility that are often overlooked but may nevertheless lead to impaired access to educational opportunities.
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