The Bartlett Development Planning Unit


Environment and Sustainable Development in Practice

An exciting opportunity to co-learn from real-life challenges in the urban global south and to advance socio-environmental justice in practice.

DEVP0022 Environment and Sustainable Development in Practice offers an opportunity for participants in the ESD Programme to learn from a set of exciting real-life challenges and context and to acquire key capacities required by urban practitioners to advance socio-environmental just transformation.

Overseas Learning Alliances

A key and exciting component of the ESD programme is the opportunity to co-learn and work on the ground under the Learning Alliances set up with a wide range of partners in cities of the Global South.

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Insights from Practice

The module places great emphasis of the learning trajectories of participants joining the ESD Programme. Their learning journey is captured through individual blogs and portfolios which offer an opportunity to develop their ethical practice, and essential self-reflective and foreword looking required to work towards environmentally just transformations in challenging and complex contexts.

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