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DPU Photography Competition

For a number of years we have been running the DPU Photography Competition for students. The photographs are meant to encapsulate through imagery some of the key DPU themes, and provide students with the chance to share their field trip experiences with a wider community, and to communicate their reflections. 


Winning Image

photo competition winner 2019
Sebastian Paredes Smith, MSc Development Administration & Planning, Kampala, Uganda

Wakiso Destiny Road

Gallery of entries

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Winning Image

2018 photography competition winner
Jorge Roman, MSc Environment & Sustainable Development, Freetown, Sierra Leone

A typical morning at one of Portee Rokupa´s water points, where people come to fetch water in their jerrycans and buckets.

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Winning Image

winning image 2017

Diego Puente, MSc Urban Development Planning, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Informality left behind: overlooking the contribution of informal circuits in solid waste management

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Winning Image

winning image 2016
Yasmine Mostafa, MSc Urban Development Planning, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Sunna settlement in Dar Es Salam, Tanzania, A photo showing the interior of a flooded house in Sunna settlement, the residents evacuated their house following an eviction order by the state and took the doors and windows as they were considered valuable assets.

Gallery of entries

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winning image
David Hoffmann, MSc. Urban Economic Development 2013-2014, Tigray, Ethiopia

"I was lucky to witness some inspired dance-scenes during a wedding ceremony inside a restaurant. Meet the bride and one of the guests!"

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