The Bartlett Development Planning Unit


Yasmine Kherfi

Yasmine Kherfi is a PhD candidate at the LSE Department of Sociology, focusing on necropolitical violence and exile activism in the Syrian context. She is Assistant Editor at the LSE Middle East Centre and previously worked as Projects Coordinator at the Centre from 2018-20, supporting the Centre's flagship Academic Collaboration Programme with Arab Universities and managing the LSE and Algerian Studies' respective Master's Dissertation Prizes. She holds a BA in Political Science and Near and Middle Eastern Civilizations from the University of Toronto, and completed her Master's in Development Administration and Planning at the DPU. 

During my time at DAP, I received the Bartlett Refugee Cities Dissertation Fellowship (2018) and focused my dissertation on the ways in which systems of health governance evolved due to protracted displacement from Syria. To me, DPU stood out as a supportive department, making student mental health and wellbeing a priority, and providing my peers and I with the resources necessary to bring to life our ideas - such as our public event on the politics of reconstruction and justice in 'post-war' Syria. I hope DPU manages to retain the warm and intimate intellectual community that its academics and admin members have cultivated. It was inspiring and uplifting - particularly in light of the neoliberalisation of higher education - and amidst London's otherwise gargantuan academic landscape.

Email: y.kherfi@lse.ac.uk and yasminekherfi@gmail.com 

Twitter: @yasmine_kherfi