The Bartlett Development Planning Unit


Indah Gilang Pusparani

Current Job Title: Writer and Representative for West Europe, Good News from Indonesia

DAP Graduation Year: 2015

My experience with development issues and practice were related my role as a researcher of International development in campus, a manager for youth development projects, and a Model United Nations activist. But I was keen to take it to another level, learning the theoretical aspects of development studies as well as equipping myself with development management toolkits for me to apply in development agencies. I found that DAP provided the best and most unique multidisciplinary course of development in the world that match to my aspiration.


I looked up Development Studies courses in all of the top universities in the world. I found that only DAP offered such unique approach that I do not find in other universities. I am also convinced by the quality of UCL. I found that DAP course combines different disciplines in development with wide diversity in case studies, theories, and paradigm, especially for developing countries. Hence, my study in DAP will be directly applicable not only in global landscape, but also national and local scale. My favourite module is DA4 Development in Practice. It pushed me to uncomfortable zone where I had to learn practical aspects of development management, from creating logframe to undertaking field work in Ethiopia. It was truly enriching.


DAP delivered and met all my expectations. It was myself who had to adjust with the high level of critical thinking and creativity expected in DAP UCL. I also learned to work faster and harder under pressure which is very beneficial for my future career.

After I graduated and returned to my home country, I switched from being a researcher in campus to working in the biggest media organization in Indonesia. Currently, I deal with different development issues and toolkits to provide analysis on Southeast Asian countries social and political economy, both to corporate clients and general public. I feel that my course has amplified my ability to make an impact in my community.